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Data management concept approved at MMK

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A key element of the MMK Group's Development Strategy until 2025 is digitalization, which covers all MMK's business processes, and the ultimate goal of which is to increase labor productivity and improve product quality.

Digitalization and the development of automated systems lead to the accumulation of a large amount of data, the volumes of which are growing rapidly. Difficulties in processing super-large data sets, the so-called "Big Data", stimulate the development of new approaches to data management, which include not only the creation, storage and maintenance of data, but also an increase in the efficiency of the process of searching for data required for further analysis.

The project "Development of the concept and operational model of data management", which started at the end of last year, was approved for further implementation by the General Director of PJSC "MMK" Pavel Shilyaev. Testing of the new concept was carried out on the basis of data from two production divisions - the oxygen-converter shop (BCC) and the complex of the 5000 mill for the production of heavy plate.

“An archive of digitized data without a data management system is like a library without a card index,” notes Dmitry Ganaev, manager of the intersystem integration and monitoring group of MMK-Informservice LLC. - Searching for information in such a system is like searching for a book, when books are taken at random from the shelves one by one. Data management is the creation of a structured catalog and a full inventory of existing data, as well as the development of a methodology for further automating these processes. In other words, it is the formation of data about existing data. "

The final goal of the project is to enable MMK analysts not only to quickly find the data they need, but also to perform better analysis. There is an opinion that the difference between "information" and "data" is that only information has value. The results of the analysis turn “data” into “information”. High-quality data management will allow information to become more accurate and complete, and therefore more valuable.

To solve such problems, MMK will create a unified corporate vocabulary describing terms in such a way that the data reflect the same nuances of values, and users spoke "the same" language. The next stage is the cataloging of data from all information systems that provide accounting for production and other data of the MMK Group organizations.

“In terms of working with data, MMK is at the forefront not only among its competitors, but also in the market as a whole,” says Anton Konstantinov, manager of the Consulting Department of Deloitte CIS. - A well-developed data management function is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the digitalization strategy of PJSC MMK. In addition, it is cross-functional support for other areas of the company's development. For example, MMK has the strongest division in the field of analysis and processing of digital data by mathematical methods (Data Science), which can use the services provided by the division of data management for even deeper analytics and building accurate predictive systems. "

The main challenges facing data management today are ensuring the availability, quality and development of a convenient service for internal consumption. A 2019 Deloitte survey, which included a survey of the management of more than 1,000 companies around the world, showed that the problem of quality service is now very acute. About 67% of the executives surveyed at the senior management level and above said they are uncomfortable with accessing and using data. MMK is already working to prevent this problem.

“Currently, technologists and analysts when searching for data often have to collect information in parts from various information systems. The creation of a unified system and data management at a level that meets modern requirements will improve the speed and quality of analytics and, as a result, increase the efficiency and quality of management decisions, ”stressed Pavel Shilyaev, General Director of PJSC MMK.

The next task for both MMK and businesses around the world should be the transition of the data management function from the category of assistive technologies to the category of the most important tools for obtaining direct or indirect economic benefits. This can be achieved by reducing the time required for the final implementation of an idea from the moment it was developed, that is, the time for data retrieval, business analysis and creation of a solution. This allows you to launch new products and change existing ones faster than competitors. In addition, in the medium term, the data management service should become a partner of the business units: it will receive rationalization proposals both to improve various business indicators and on possible ways to monetize the collected data.

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