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An international IT festival was held in Stary Oskol with the support of Metalloinvest

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With the support of Metalloinvest in Stary Oskol, on the site of the IT cluster of the Oskol Polytechnic College of STI NUST MISIS, the youth IT festival Open Space Technology was held. More than 1,500 schoolchildren and students from Stary Oskol, Gubkin, Zheleznogorsk, Novotroitsk, Lipetsk, Magnitogorsk, Belgorod and their peers from Belarus, Yemen, Syria, Jordan and Egypt took part in it. The organizers paid special attention to ensuring participation and providing ample opportunities for socialization for children with special health capabilities.

The educational programs of the festival included courses in the field of lean management technologies and agile development methodologies. The result of the two-day work was the joint development and launch of a youth community for the exchange of experience in the field of IT development. The experience gained will help students assess the level of their knowledge, and schoolchildren - to decide on their future profession.

“The project is very interesting and promising. The guys saw the technologies and software products of the future. For those who are just at the beginning of their professional careers, this is a unique chance to realize their ideas and get a good start, - commented the Director of Social Affairs of the Oskol Electrometallurgical Plant named after A.A. Ugarova Irina Druzhinina. “It is especially important that almost 20 students from among the participants will be interviewed in the near future and be able to get on an industrial practice with subsequent employment at Metalloinvest, JSA Group and other companies.”

The festival was held in the "agilton" format. This concept is formed from two terms: "agile" (an approach to creating a software product that takes into account the possibility of constant changes in the project and the emergence of new requirements) and "hackathon" (a forum for developers where they jointly solve some problem).

Representatives of the Education Directorate, the Directorate for Youth Affairs and the Department for Organizational, Analytical and Personnel Work of the Administration of the Starooskolsk City District, the Metalloinvest Innovation Center, JSA Group (part of IKS Holding ), The Center for the Development of the IT Industry of the OGBU "Belgorod Information Fund", "ReInfoCom", "MCC-TRADE", "SpetsCemStroy", "AvtoStroy", "MiK", Information Technology Factories, BFT, SofTrust, "Media Service", " CenterProgramSystems ”and other organizations.

The Festival project received financial support from Metalloinvest as the winner of the TOGETHER! With my city. " This year the competition will be held for the sixth time in all cities where the Company operates - Gubkin, Stary Oskol, Zheleznogorsk and Novotroitsk. The total fund will be 12 million rubles. The maximum grant amount that individuals can receive for the development of their initiatives is up to 50 thousand rubles, and for legal entities - up to 500 thousand rubles.

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