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Metalloinvest invests over 1.2 billion rubles in social projects in Stary Oskol

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Metalloinvest took part in the discussion of the results of the implementation of the Stary Oskol Territory Upgrade municipal program. The upgrade program was launched in 2018. During this time, according to the estimates of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, the quality index of the urban environment of Stary Oskol has grown from 122 points out of 360 possible to 186. Over three years, Metalloinvest's total investment in the development of the city's social infrastructure amounted to 1.4 billion rubles. For 2021, within the framework of the agreement on social and economic partnership, the Company plans an unprecedented volume of investments - more than 1.2 billion rubles.

The event was attended by Acting Governor of the Belgorod Region Vyacheslav Gladkov, Senator of the Russian Federation Evgeny Savchenko, head of the administration of the Starooskolsky urban district Alexander Sergienko, members of the Government of the Belgorod region, deputy general director for sustainable development and corporate communications of the Management Company "Metalloinvest" Yulia Mazanova and other heads of the leading enterprises of the district, deputies of the Belgorod regional Duma and the Starooskolsky urban district, honorary citizens and representatives the public.

“Over the past three years, the word“ upgrade ”has become one of the key words for Stary Oskol. Much has been done as a result of the implementation of this program. Communicating with representatives of large enterprises, such as Metalloinvest, I saw great trust in the district administration and a desire to work together, - said Vyacheslav Gladkov. - Our task is to establish even closer cooperation and move forward. This will make it possible to successfully implement plans for 2021, overcome any difficulties and continue to systematically improve the quality of life of Stary Oskol residents. "

“An increase in the quality index of the urban environment of Stary Oskol speaks of great teamwork, the result of which is an improvement in the quality of life of Stary Oskol residents, their mood. As a result, the level of trust in the authorities has grown significantly, - Yevgeny Savchenko commented. - Congratulations on the successful completion of the first part of the upgrade and good luck with the Upgrade 2.0 program.

Yulia Mazanova in her speech emphasized that high-quality transformations became possible thanks to the combined efforts of the authorities, business and civil society.

“Changing the quality of the urban environment, an open dialogue with all stakeholders is part of Metalloinvest's current strategy. The main directions of our efforts are the development of urban infrastructure, support for education, health care, sports, care for socially vulnerable groups of the population. Thus, significant for the city objects - the city embankment, the Zeleny Log microdistrict, STI NUST MISIS, received support and a new impetus for development, - said Yulia Mazanova. - The importance and effectiveness of direct interaction became especially evident in the past 2020. Thanks to close work with city health care institutions and the regional administration, we were able to promptly support doctors and provide hospitals with everything they needed, to provide assistance where it was most needed. As a result, the medical institutions of the city and the region were prepared for the second wave of the pandemic. Moreover, in 2020, the basis was formed for a new level of accessibility and quality of medical support for the Territory in the future ”.

In 2021, all of Metalloinvest's social investments have been merged into a single program - Together! A new, bright brand, a clear structure and focus on priority areas will further popularize the ideas and principles of sustainable development, charity, volunteering, and active participation in improving the quality of life of citizens.

The program includes six directions: “Together! With my city "," Together! With education ”,“ Together! With culture ”,“ Together! With a vocation "," Together! With sports "and" Together! With care. "

“For three years, the volume of funding for the program amounted to 15 billion rubles, while the initial plans were an amount of 9 billion rubles. We managed to attract additional sources of funding and do more than planned, - said Alexander Sergienko. - In 2021, the program was developed. The amount of funding for "Upgrade 2.0" - 5 billion rubles. 70 percent of them are funds of the regional budget. This is a contribution to the regional government in the development of the region. Special thanks to Metalloinvest and other large enterprises in the region for their active participation in the implementation of the program. "

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