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Mitsubishi Pajero and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport review

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Mitsubishi Pajero and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport review

This huge seven-seater may be a little rough and ready to go, but it has an undeniable charm.

At its core, the seven-seater buy pajero sport is an affordable family car, but it seems more suitable for families who regularly tow the boat, own a full Driza-Bones wardrobe, or relax on a livestock farm.

This is probably because it is no secret that it is a version of the Triton ute SUV with utilitarian styling, a comfortable yet simple cab, serious ground clearance and heavy handling. In addition, the car I'm testing here has an impressive black cross member.

The AWD system allows you to switch between drive modes for optimal traction - from rear-wheel drive to high-speed AWD on the road to AWD with locked center differential in high range and low range for heavy ones.

There is also a mode switch with a choice of gravel, mud, snow, sand or stone.

Other brands are worth checking out with Mitsubishi, though, as you may find they provide a little more standard equipment and a more premium cabin feel at your expense.

Getting into a car is an exercise in athleticism, with some of the jumps required to get up and into the driver's seat, aided in large part by the handrails scattered around the interior of the car. Conversely, getting out is easier and you'll find yourself slipping or jumping out of the driver's seat in no time.

What are the benefits

Once on the notorious throne, it seems that you are completely in another zone. You can make eye-to-eye eye contact with dual-cab car owners and small truck drivers and even offer them a knowledgeable push.

The rear windshield is nice and tall, so you get a lot of rear view, while the side mirrors are huge, which means side visibility is great too.

Still, you can rely heavily on the 360-degree camera, which is exclusive to the Exceed class, and I can admit that at times I would be lost without it, especially when parking. The driver's view is a composite CGI image of the vehicle combined with real-time footage from cameras positioned around the vehicle.

The vehicle's height - which has a ground clearance of 218mm - also means you don't have to worry about curbs or raised sections of the road.

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