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Rubble handling: main features

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Rubble handling: main features

Crushed stone is an irreplaceable building material used for many purposes and tasks. It stands on the same level with sand and cement, which allows it to be used for the production of concrete used in road construction, the manufacture of reinforced concrete products, etc. Let's find out in more detail how rubble handling is carried out, and what specific operations are carried out for this .

Features of crushed stone handling

High demand is for crushed stone of fraction up to 20 mm. Crushed stone of fraction from 5 to 10 mm is less popular in operation. It is often used in asphalt paving and concrete making. Stones measuring 20-40 mm and 40-70 mm are widely used in the construction of foundations, strengthening of embankments under railway tracks, etc.

Loading crushed stone: highlights

The advantages of using such a building material as crushed stone are high strength indicators, a long operational period, the ability to use in conditions of sharp temperature changes and aggressive environmental factors. Since it is not afraid of water or damp air, it can be transported in mounds on the decks of barges.

There are several ways of handling rubble:

  • Bulk transshipment. It is advisable to use this method when it is necessary to handle large consignments of building materials. It is carried out using grab cranes that are installed on the shore. You also cannot do without special equipment - front-end loaders and excavators.
  • Transshipment in big bags. The method can be used when you need to form a batch of gravel, pebbles or stone chips for packing in bags. Special polypropylene bags are equipped with rigid ribs. They do not tip over during transport. They can be stacked on top of each other to save space. In this case, the bags can contain crushed stone of a finer fraction from 15 to 20 mm.

The Forward company offers services for receiving and storing batches of crushed stone for subsequent transshipment. It has a special loading complex for handling bulk cargo. You can get acquainted with the company's services in detail on the website.

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