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Metalloinvest publishes Unified report for 2020 - "Evolution of modern metallurgy"

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Metalloinvest has published a Unified Report for 2020 - The Evolution of Modern Metallurgy, including an Annual Report and a Sustainability Report.

a unified format, which reflects the integration of the principles of sustainable development into all business processes of the Company, - emphasized Nazim Efendiev, CEO of Metalloinvest. - The concept of the report corresponds to our mission: to be the basis for the evolution of modern metallurgy for future generations. This year we have made significant progress in terms of improving business transparency and completeness of information disclosure. A number of data, including verified figures on greenhouse gas emissions, are presented for the first time. ”

The reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 compared to 2019 amounted to 2.5 million tons of CO2-equivalent.

According to the approved parameters of the Company's Climate Strategy, it is planned to reduce its own CO2-equivalent emissions by 6% by 2025, and by 77% by 2036.

One of the key topics of the report is countering COVID-19. From the first days of the pandemic, the Company quickly concentrated resources on protecting the health of employees and supporting regional health care, allocating more than 3 billion rubles for these purposes.

3.6 billion rubles were allocated for internal social programs for employees.

Investments in external social projects amounted to 7.1 billion rubles.

The Company spent 9.2 billion rubles on environmental activities in 2020.

Environmental preservation is one of the the main priorities of Metalloinvest. In 2020, the key KPIs of the Environmental Program until 2025 were approved, and the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Program, which started in 2019, continued. The total volume of investments under the programs until 2025 will amount to about 46 billion rubles.

The landmark events of 2020 were the launch of Mikhailovsky GOK im. A.V. Varichev of the unique crushing and conveyor complex and the start of production of premium pellets for metallization.

At Lebedinsky GOK, the next stage of a large-scale investment project for the development of external power supply was implemented - the second and third start-up complexes of the Lebedi substation were put into operation. p>

At the Oskol Electrometallurgical Plant named after A.A. Ugarov, a section for heat treatment of rolled products was launched, after technical re-equipment, a continuous casting machine No. 3 was put into operation, a new ball rolling mill was launched.

After modernization, a blast furnace No. 2 and new steam boilers of the CHPP were launched at Ural Steel. >

All Metalloinvest enterprises are implementing a comprehensive program for the transformation of maintenance and repairs, as well as a program for the development of laboratory equipment.

Full version of Metalloinvest's Unified Report for 2020:

  • Annual Report (PDF)
  • Sustainability Report (PDF)
For reference:

To define the content of the report, the Company analyzed the topics that are most important for interested parties. More than 800 respondents took part in the survey, including business partners, suppliers and customers of Metalloinvest, managers and employees of the Company, residents of the regions where it operates, and representatives of non-profit organizations.

Both parts of the report have been prepared based on the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The end-to-end disclosure of GRI indicators in both parts of the Report was carried out. In addition, a part of the indicators according to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) methodology is disclosed.

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