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Metalloinvest organized a discussion on the development of green metallurgy

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Metalloinvest, a leading manufacturer and supplier of iron ore products and hot briquetted iron in the world market, one of the regional producers of high-quality steel, organized the discussion “Evolution of modern metallurgy.

At the event, the Company's Unified Report for 2020 was presented, issues of decarbonization of the metallurgical industry, the relationship between successful business development and the safety and quality of life of employees, attracting green financing for the implementation of investment projects were discussed.

“Today there is every opportunity to change the historically formed perception of ferrous metallurgy as a production associated with great risks in the field of industrial safety and a significant negative impact on the environment,” said Nazim Efendiyev, CEO of Metalloinvest. “We have to work out a number of solutions, work out the most optimal options, but in general, the task of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 is technologically absolutely solvable for the enterprises of our industry.”

Nazim Efendiev noted that today the Company's share in the world market of commercial hot briquetted iron (HBI) is more than 50%. HBI is a basic raw material for the metallurgy of the future, allowing to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from steel production.

In 2024, two plants for the production of hot briquetted iron will be launched, which will increase the total capacity for the production of HBI from about 5 million tons per year to almost 9 million tons per year.

A project is underway to build a new HBI plant in the Kursk Region, the project is operated by Mikhailovsky HBI (55% owned by USM, 45% owned by Mikhailovsky GOK).

A decision was also made to build a HBI-4 complex at Lebedinsky GOK.

Both plants are designed to use 100% hydrogen instead of natural gas.

“The challenges of decarbonization are also new opportunities,” said Pyotr Bobylev, Director of the Competition, Energy Efficiency and Environment Department of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. - It is important that we do not have a goal to fight carbon at any cost. We are focused on people, on the growth of their well-being and the growth of the economy as a whole. In this logic, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has developed 4 scenarios, combined into a draft strategy for socio-economic development with low greenhouse gas emissions until 2050 ”.

Petr Bobylev noted that the process of decarbonization and curbing the rate of temperature rise on the planet simultaneously stimulates the development of technologies that reduce pollutant emissions, as well as stimulates the processes of improving energy efficiency in the energy sector, industry and housing and communal services.

Viktor Evtukhov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, commented on the prospects for cross-border carbon regulation. “The consumer will not take products, raw materials, materials, components that do not meet the requirements that will come into effect from 2026 already in advance. Our companies, which will not have time to change in this regard, simply will not be able to supply their products, they will drop out of the chains. "

Svetlana Radionova, Head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources Management, stressed the importance of developing uniform criteria for assessing the impact of production in the field of ecology, so that the standards of the Russian industry are not weaker than European ones and are quoted at the international level.

Andrey Ugarov, First Deputy General Director - Production Director of Metalloinvest, noted that preserving the environment is one of Metalloinvest's key priorities.

Metalloinvest's environmental program is being implemented at all of the Company's enterprises. Investments in the program until 2025 inclusive are provided in the amount of 22.5 billion rubles.

“Security, environmental and sustainable development issues are the main focus of meetings with banks and investors today,” said Alexei Voronov, Deputy General Director for Finance and Economics of Metalloinvest. - Metalloinvest became the first private company in Russia to open a green financing line of credit, the rate of which is tied to the EcoVadis rating. The Company is also the first Russian borrower in the iron and steel industry to link pre-export credit to sustainable development goals. ”

Vyacheslav Gladkov, Acting Governor of the Belgorod Region, stressed that in solving the most pressing issues facing the regions, dialogue, constant interaction and partnership with business are important. This format allows you to correctly prioritize, pool resources and invest in projects that are in demand from residents.

Representatives of Rosbank, SOGAZ, VEB, KPMG, Tactise BSC, Severstal, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, other companies and public organizations also took part in the discussion.

For the second year in a row Metalloinvest presents its report in a single format

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