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Rolled metal supplies

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Rolled metal supplies

The purchase of rolled metal for many enterprises is an important expedient action. If your company needs bulk purchases of rolled metal products, you can contact the specialists of the Bonrost company. The supply of rolled metal is the main activity of the company. You can get acquainted with the services on the website https://bonrost.ru/br-catalog/metalloprokat /. Explore our product range here.

Rolled metal catalog

On the company's website, you can familiarize yourself with the catalog and pick up everything you need to order - hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheet, steel angle, reinforcement, circle, beam, strip, wire and other types of products.

You can place an order from any batch of products. The client's wishes are always taken into account. If necessary, you can provide additional services - storage, cutting, ordering, handling and others. For more information about the services, please visit the website.

Services of ordering and delivery of rolled metal

The company's specialists guarantee delivery on time. The main customers of the company are enterprises of the chemical, woodworking, metalworking industries. Affordable prices are available for customers. You can also note a flexible system of discounts for regular customers. If necessary, you can use the services that are available for order.

All products are fully certified and have quality certificates. It is produced in accordance with the requirements of GOST. It is based on high-quality steel with high performance characteristics. Rolled metal products are distinguished by their durability, long service life, and reliability. The Bonrost company offers high quality products for long-term use. An application for ordering metal can be made online. Having issued it on the website, you can receive it with delivery. The price list with the range of rolled metal products is available on the website. The minimum order is 10 tons. There are items that are sold at special discounted prices.

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