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Recent changes in the law on public procurement

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Recent changes in the law on public procurement

Laws tend to change over time. This happens for various reasons. Thus, the Law on Public Procurement was amended not only to increase transparency, but also to improve the mechanism of ongoing transactions. The changes affected several points at once. But, mainly concerned the mechanics of decision making. But, there are some points that should be discussed in more detail.

Coordination and control

In fact, the list of regulatory bodies has not changed much. It is intensifying in order to prevent shadow schemes, which, in theory, are still possible to implement, albeit with great difficulty in practice. The customer will be controlled in the process of implementation of the agreement, the following bodies:

- Antimonopoly Committee as a body of appeal;
- Accounting Chamber of Ukraine;
- State Audit Office;
- State Treasury.

All bodies do not cooperate with each other and conduct independent inspections as needed. In addition, public scrutiny by non-profit organizations may take effect at any time. Control bodies do not have the right to interfere in the choice of executor. Only check the accuracy of the previously assumed responsibilities and payment of money in full.

Procurement appeal

The change concerns the filing of a complaint by the participant. If a complaint has been written and sent, it will not be possible to withdraw it, as has been the case before. It will in any case be considered and a verdict rendered. The change had to take place for a number of reasons:

1. The complainant will be liable for false alarm.
2. The number of written claims should be significantly reduced.
3. All incoming complaints must really have a basis for consideration and reaction.

The body reviewing the complaint may either fully satisfy the wishes of the organization or partially return the material funds. If the claim is unfounded, the person who wrote it in full will have to reimburse the work of the commission. The fee for filing a complaint is fully refunded if the unfairness of the situation under consideration is proved.

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