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Linde Severstal shipped its first export order

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Linde Severstal, a joint venture between Severstal and the German company Lide GmbH, has shipped the last of five spiral wound heat exchangers (SVTO) to Spain. Equipment of this class was exported from Russia for the first time.

At the production site in St. Petersburg, the Linde Severstal joint venture completed a full production cycle: pipe coiling, assembly of SVTO and testing of finished products.

Weight SVTO varies from 14 to 110 tons. In the future, the joint venture plans to produce large-capacity spiral-wound heat exchangers weighing up to 1000 tons for plants for the production of liquefied natural gas.

Currently, a tube bundle of a heat exchanger weighing 300 tons is being produced in the production workshops of Linde Severstal. natural gas for the Arctic LNG 2 project of Novatek.

“It is planned that it is the large Russian projects that will provide the majority of the joint venture's load, nevertheless, export orders are also very interesting for the company. Heat exchange equipment of Linde Severstal is the basis of Severstal's unique selling proposition for the construction of LNG plants, which includes the supply of a wide range of products produced by the company's assets, "said Dmitry Goroshkov, Director of Operations for Energy Companies of Severstal.

In the summer 2019 “Linde Severstal moved to a new production site in St. Petersburg near the water area. Thus, the company provided itself with convenient logistics for the delivery of heat exchange equipment to customers, whose enterprises are often located in the North-West region or in the Arctic. Also, this location is convenient for the delivery of SVTO in the export direction.

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