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With care for the environment: The new electric drilling machine Face Master 1.7 LE

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In Poland, tests of the Face Master 1.7 LE electric drilling rig from Mine Master (GHH Group) are being successfully completed.

Face Master 1.7 LE is designed for drilling holes with a diameter of 41 mm to 76 mm and a depth of up to 3.2 m when drilling workings with a height of 1.85 m. The possibility of installing an ergonomic, enclosed, air-conditioned cabin provides the operator with a good view, comfort and safety in all conditions.

One of the main advantages of this installation is its working height of 1.65 m, which is adapted for complex mining operations with a small height and slopes of up to 15 degrees. Even with the charger installed, the FM 1.7 LE is the lowest in its class.

The rig can perform more precise and efficient drilling with an additional control system. At the request of the customer, the underground drilling rig is equipped with a simple and convenient drilling monitoring system (DMS) or a more complex automatic drilling control system (FGS). Both systems work well when driving horizontal and inclined workings.

Face Master 1.7 LE is equipped with a telescopic boom, the design of which allows you to change all the wear pads in 15 minutes, without having to disassemble the entire boom. The new patented design significantly facilitates maintenance and reduces machine downtime. In addition, easily accessible electrical and hydraulic system components significantly reduce repair and maintenance time.

"The use of battery-powered electric drive technologies provides significant noise reduction and reduction of NO and CO2 emissions, which reduces the company's ventilation costs, and increases the comfort and safety of the operator, on the contrary. The performance of the Face Master 1.7 LE provides the same driving efficiency as its diesel counterparts, but with the added benefit of zero exhaust. The new installation was developed specifically for the enterprise of the multinational corporation KGHM Polska Miedzi S. A. GHH Group is pleased to support this technological project, which aims to develop the mining industry towards electrification and the use of batteries to improve efficiency, safety and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, " said Dmitry Zhukov, Executive Director of GHH Group in Russia.

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