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New ergonomic Roof Master 1.8 KE anchor installer from GHH Group

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The company GHH Group, one of the leading suppliers of integrated solutions in the mining and tunnel industries, presented to the market the Roof Master 1.8 KE battery car, which has already been successfully tested at the enterprise of the Polish multinational corporation KGHM Polska Miedzi S. A.

The battery-powered electric anchor setter is designed to work in mine workings with a height of 2.0 to 5.8 m. The battery-powered model reduces the amount of harmful exhaust, improves safety, facilitates maintenance, and reduces the cost of mine ventilation. In addition, the Roof Master 1.8 KE is equipped with an ergonomic, closed, air-conditioned cabin, which reduces the impact of harmful factors and increases not only the comfort, but also the safety of the operator.

The novelty is equipped with a mechanized anchor module for 9 anchors with a feeder length of 1.8 m. A reliable, maintenance-free sodium-nickel-chloride traction battery with an energy capacity of 120 kilowatt-hours is installed on board in a sealed, thermally insulated metal case. This battery is used to power the electric drive of the chassis.

A charger is installed on the chassis of the machine to charge the battery from the mine network with a voltage of 400-1000 V. Thanks to the regenerative braking function, the battery can also be charged when the car is moving downhill. No special equipment or alteration of the mine power grid is required to charge the batteries.
"The introduction of the battery-powered electric anchor setter in the line of underground machines was a natural continuation of the current trends in the mining industry, associated with the wider use of environmentally friendly technologies. In addition, the efficiency of the battery car is much higher than that of a diesel car, as the use of new technologies reduces the cost per meter of penetration and maintenance costs," said Dmitry Zhukov, Executive Director of GHH Group in Russia.

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