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High-quality copper sheets

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High-quality copper sheets

Taking into account the regular increase in the cost of copper (alloys) used in various production areas for the manufacture of parts, assemblies and components, consumers' requirements for its quality are increasing. So, the copper sheet in demand today should not only answer:

  • Dimensional parameters.
  • The classification established for it (you can look here , at the supplier's website) according to the current GOST standards.

But also to have a given high "purity", the optimal copper content is 99%. It is for this indicator that the engineering and technological calculation of the thermal conductivity, resistance, or vice versa, the current conductivity of the manufactured parts is carried out.

Technology for improving the quality of "purity" of copper sheet

The hot-rolled method of producing sheet copper implies the use of copper briquettes as billets (raw materials), which are loaded into special furnaces and brought to a plastic (liquid) physical state. During the heating process, refining technology is used to remove impurities from the starting material. It looks like this:

  • Briquettes (ingots, billets) are loaded into the furnace and heated.
  • During the firing process, a stream of compressed air is supplied to the kiln.

The oxygen in the air, under the influence of high temperature, simply burns out impurities, which makes it possible to obtain a copper alloy with a given purity at the exit from the furnace.

The generally accepted size standard for sheets, regardless of the rolling technology used, is 0.6x1.5 m with a thickness of 8 to 50 mm. The cost of copper sheets by the supplier is indicated in kilograms. A difference in price may arise depending on the accuracy of the manufacture of rolled products (normal or increased accuracy), this parameter is indicated in the technical passport for each batch (pack of sheets) of products.

You can get information about the possibility of purchasing and ordering the delivery of sheet copper using the website of the supplier of this range of rolled products, the Poliasmet company. For consultation on the resource, there is an option of online communication with a technical manager.

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