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New equipment has arrived at the Jubilee underground mine under construction

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New equipment has arrived at the Jubilee underground mine under construction

Khaibullinsky district (Republic of Bashkortostan)

Due to the increase in production volumes at the Yubileiny underground mine (the contractor for construction work at the facilities of Bashkirskaya Med LLC, an enterprise of the UMMC raw materials complex, is ShSU LLC ) two new machines have been received - an underground self-propelled charging vehicle Charmec MC 605 DA (V) manufactured by NORMET and an underground multi-purpose vehicle Heco TrasVers Modular.

The first of them is designed for fast and safe loading with explosives of the faces in underground mine workings. The machine is equipped with a basket for the operator's safe work. Bulky tanks for emulsion explosives, specialized places for cartridge explosives (a promising direction in 2022), primers and detonators make it possible to deliver all the necessary materials to the workplace without the involvement of additional equipment. The cab has a pivoting console and provides comfortable operation and excellent visibility in all directions. The machine is equipped with a Norsmart CAN monitoring system that diagnoses faults.

The second underground SPG is equipped with a universal platform for removable cassettes. The set with the machine received two cassettes, one for the transportation of personnel, designed for 16 passenger seats, the second for the transportation of fuel and lubricants. At the same time, the fuel cassette can transport up to 2 thousand liters of diesel fuel and up to 2 thousand liters of various oils in three separate containers. The articulated frame design provides the machine with high maneuverability in mine workings. A universal platform with an inclined frame and a lifting and fixing device allows the operator to change cassettes on his own in just 1 minute.

“Production volumes are constantly increasing, this year we are planning to extract 1.1 million tons of ore from the Yubileyny underground mine. The number of personnel is growing accordingly. So we just need both new cars now. Heco, along with the same machine operating at the mine, will transport personnel from the ramp portal to the faces, will serve the employees of geological and mine surveying services, who have to walk many kilometers per shift through the underground workings on foot. It will now be much easier to refuel underground equipment directly in the mine. The charging machine "Charmec" will significantly speed up the work, and most importantly - it will allow you to perform it as safely as possible in the conditions of difficult geological rocks. Exactly the same machine is now being used for charging the fans of production drilling, that is, for production. The new one will work on mining capital workings of priority directions, "says Ruslan Garipov, chief engineer of the ShSU LLC Jubilee underground mine under construction.

Crews for new vehicles are currently being formed. Then the operators will undergo training and take the new equipment into the mine.

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