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Well augers

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Well augers

The growth of individual, suburban and suburban construction naturally increased the demand for drilling operations to install their own water wells on the sites. The drilling technology in this case involves (in most cases) the use of auger drills, the quality of which fully depends on:

  • The speed at which the task is completed.
  • Possibility of carrying out the operation regardless of the type and complexity of the cultivated soil.

You can choose a screw suitable for technical and dimensional parameters using the site spb.us-bur .ru of the company "UralSpetsBur", which carries out their production on a serial scale using its own production facilities, as well as high-tech equipment.

Design and features of augers for soil drilling

The diameter of the auger is selected depending on the purpose of the well drilled by it (for example, for installing support pillars or for taking soil samples). The design of this drilling tool is:

  • Steel pipe with a device for fixing to the shaft of the drilling rig.
  • A spiral (flange) welded along the entire length of the outer diameter of the pipe made of extra strong steel grade.

It is the spiral that loosens the soil, removes it and at the same time deepens the drill itself, forming a well. The optimum drilling depth with the auger is 60 m, but with the use of special nozzles, it is possible to drill up to 120 m.

The main advantage of this drilling technology is the absence of the need to supply water under pressure into the well being drilled to wash out the loosened rock (soil). The spiral-shaped flange of the auger will independently remove the waste material to the surface.

You can get more complete information and choose the required type of auger auger using the online catalog of the manufacturer UralSpetsBur. All products presented on its pages fully comply with the declared technical and dimensional parameters and have a quality guarantee. Delivery is carried out on a contractual basis at the request of the client, left on the company's website.

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