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THE BIRTH OF A SUPERNOVA: KAMAZ-Master presented a sports truck of the K5 generation.

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THE BIRTH OF A SUPERNOVA: KAMAZ-Master presented a sports truck of the K5 generation.

The KAMAZ-Master team announced the completion of work on a truck from the new K-5 family-KAMAZ-435091. The presentation of the car, designed specifically for the Silk Road-2021 rally, took place on June 25 in Naberezhnye Chelny and marked the team's readiness for the upcoming race.
Work on the creation of the KAMAZ-435091 was carried out throughout 2020 and its result was a 4x4 wheel formula truck that can reach speeds of up to 165 km / h. Its overall length was 6,900, height – 3,300, and width – 2,550, while the curb weight without fuel is 8,600 kg., and the gross weight is 10,200 kg. According to Sergey Savostin, deputy director of the production and Development team, the designers of KAMAZ-Master were guided by the upcoming changes in the FIA technical regulations, which are adopted for the cargo classification of the World Off-Road Rally Championship planned from 2022.
After the presentation, the car went to Omsk for the start of the Silk Road Rally 2021, where very soon it will be piloted by the current champion of the Dakar rally Dmitry Sotnikov and his crew.
ESAB, one of the leaders in the production of equipment and consumables for welding and cutting, continues to support KAMAZ-Master athletes, helping the team's mechanics and pilots to master new techniques in welding and cutting, as well as providing all the necessary equipment, materials and PPE.
Thus, among the ESAB solutions in the arsenal of KAMAZ-Master there is always a light inverter source of welding current Aristo ® Mig 4004i Pulse and a wire feed unit AristoFeed 3004w U8 for welding aluminum, low-carbon and stainless steel. No less important for athletes are the super-portable welding machines of the HandyArc line, which can be stored in the car's tool cabinet, and used for welding all types of materials during short-term stops for repairs. These devices are especially valuable due to their low weight, only 3 kg., compactness and effective internal ventilation, thanks to which the conditions of the hot desert are not terrible.
In addition, the CaddyTig 2200i AC/DC TA34 and CaddyMig C200 devices provide irreplaceable support to the team – they are suitable for operational repair work "in the field", which is especially valuable during the super-race, when it is necessary to resort to welding especially often.
In addition to equipping "technicals", ESAB equipment helps athletes at the stage of preparation for each rally. For example, a compact automatic plasma and oxygen cutting machine SGX is installed in the KAMAZ-Master Center in Naberezhnye Chelny, which allows you to quickly produce new parts for trucks and motorcycles, producing high-quality cutting of steels from 1 to 100 mm thick, which fully covers the needs of the team. Since the process of modernization of machines is carried out almost constantly, the need for the manufacture of unique parts often arises. Using the standard casting method at the factory, this process would take several months, and with the help of the SGX machine, a unique part can be made in just a day.
"We can say that we are united with the team by a kind of"leader's philosophy". Like KAMAZ-Master, ESAB never stops there. Reliability, efficiency, and, if necessary, mobility are indicators that work on improving does not stop for a day. I am convinced that only victories are waiting for KAMAZ-Master ahead, which means new, even more ambitious goals that we will always help to realize, " comments Dmitry Kuraksa, Managing Director of ESAB LLC in Russia and the CIS.

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