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Trainee engineer "Uralelectromed" made a proposal to increase the productivity of the copper smelting shop

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Trainee engineer "Uralelectromed" made a proposal to increase the productivity of the copper smelting shop

Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovsk region)

The twenty-fifth - jubilee - internship of young specialists has been completed at Uralelectromed JSC (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex). It is symbolic that 25 people took part in the comprehensive training.

Young specialists were trained in four educational modules, where they met with the heads of the enterprise and departments, underwent trainings and classes on the use of tools of the UMMC Business System. In addition, the internship participants studied the technology of obtaining finished products, the basics of production planning and went on excursions to PJSC SUMZ (Revda) and Svyatogor JSC (Krasnouralsk).

The culmination of the internship was defense graduation projects before the technical council of the enterprise. The best project was presented by Anton Peshekhonov, an engineer-technologist of the copper-smelting shop, who worked at the enterprise for a little over a year. He proposed to increase the productivity of the furnace for copper pellets by changing the design of the roof.

- During the internship he defended the project "Changing the design of the roof of the furnace for the production of copper pellets." The task was to eliminate the risks of unplanned downtime due to a breakdown of the furnace roof. I analyzed the structure of the vault, found vulnerabilities. He suggested using refractory bricks that differ in shape and size from what is used now. According to calculations, such a solution will increase the safety of the process and reduce the likelihood of financial costs, - said the young specialist.

Two second places were taken by Nikolai Reshetnik, a design engineer and an electronic systems control engineer, Vladislav Kondratyev. These projects were presented by Alexander Krasovsky, a mechanic-repairman of the chemical and metallurgical department, Kirill Malyshkin, a hydrometallurgist of the vitriol shop, and Danis Shafigullin, a process engineer of the centralized repair shop. Projects with a high economic effect are recommended for obtaining the “Initiative” status.

For each trainee, recommendations were prepared for the development of their further career and enrollment in the personnel reserve of their unit. The winner and awardees of the internship were recommended to the prospective talent pool of the enterprise and for rotation to the positions of engineering and technical specialists and line managers.

Note that over 25 years 617 people have participated in the internship at Uralelectromed. Including, 152 - won prizes in the defense of graduation works. Today, many of the graduates work at the enterprise as managers and key specialists.

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