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Professional urgent repair of forklift trucks

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Professional urgent repair of forklift trucks

Even one forklift in a warehouse or an enterprise that receives and dispatches products can replace a full-fledged team of loaders. It should be added that the use of such a technique allows:

  • Dramatically reduce the time spent on cargo handling.
  • Eliminate injury to workers and damage to goods during manual loading /unloading.

Like any other technician, loaders require regular maintenance, scheduled repairs and timely replacement of worn out units. That, taking into account the specifics of logistics or warehouse services, is not always carried out in a timely manner, and this ends in equipment breakdowns at the most inopportune moment. Urgent repair of forklifts at a professional level can be ordered from Etalon. For this it is enough:

  • Contact the website of the repair company.
  • Leave a request indicating the address or call the dispatcher at the phone numbers indicated on the resource.

For a prompt response of the duty brigade, which will arrive at any city address in the Dnieper within 2 hours, it is necessary to indicate the brand (model) of the loader and describe the main symptoms of the malfunction. This will allow the technician to take the necessary diagnostic equipment and parts with them to try to fix the problem on site.

Medium and major overhaul of engines and transmissions of forklift trucks

Significant depletion of the engine life of the power unit and increased wear of the transmission does not mean at all that the owner needs to purchase a new loader. Overhaul and medium repairs of any models, regardless of the manufacturer:

  • Diesel and carburetor engines.
  • Mechanical and automatic transmissions.
  • Hydraulic system.

It is carried out using special equipment and the experience of Etalon technical personnel in its repair shops. Delivery of the loader for repair and after its restoration is carried out by the company's transport. All types of repair (restoration) work are carried out:

  • On a formal contractual basis with the client. The contract specifies the deadlines for the execution of the application.
  • With the provision of a guarantee for all spare parts and units used for replacement.
  • Without any advance payment or advance payment.

Preliminary diagnostics using computer equipment and identifying the causes of equipment malfunction are free of charge. Get more information on issues related to repair and maintenance, as well as order urgent repair of forklifts you can use the Internet resource of the "Etalon" repair company. Access to the site for reviewing the information presented on it or submitting an application is free and does not require registration.

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