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Reciprocating saws on the Foxtrot website

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Reciprocating saws on the Foxtrot website

In construction, you cannot do without a universal cutting tool. An electric hobbyist is perfect for this role. It is suitable for a wide variety of construction, renovation and gardening tasks. On the site https://www.foxtrot.com.ua /ru/shop/sabelnie_pili.html you can choose a high quality reciprocating saw. Here you can browse the assortment and find a reliable and high quality model.

Reciprocating saws - features and principles of work

With a reciprocating saw, you can work with drywall, dismantle window structures, trim trees, etc. The operation of the tool is carried out in several ways - by means of an electric motor and a removable battery.

The following criteria are important parameters of reciprocating saws:

  • Manufacturer.
  • Power.
  • Food.
  • Stroke.
  • Maximum cutting depth.
  • Design features.

Based on this, you can choose a model that is best suited to meet specific goals and objectives.

Choosing Reciprocating Saws

It is important to pay attention to all criteria, including the location of the engine in the housing, noise level, and weight of the housing. These indicators will help each client make the right choice. It is also important to pay attention to additional functionality, which also forms the price range. So, we can note the presence of backlight, the function of adjusting the depth of cut, keyless replacement of equipment, etc.

Depending on the location of the engine in the body, reciprocating saws are distinguished with longitudinal and transverse types. Saws with a longitudinal engine are more convenient in work. They provide reliable balancing of the working unit in the body itself. The type of surface to be treated depends on the power of the selected model. So, if you need to work with wood, it is enough to choose a model of a reciprocating saw with a capacity of no more than 800 watts. To work with metal surfaces, it is necessary to give preference in favor of saw models with a power of 1000 watts or more. The minimum cutting depth is 50 mm. You can choose such models that have a maximum cutting depth of 300 mm.

The weight of the reciprocating saw body is varied. There are models with a weight of no more than 1 kg. You can select models with a body weight of 5.5 kg. Also pay attention to the maximum length of the hacksaw. It is at least 150 mm.

Where to buy quality reciprocating saws?

To select and order high-quality reciprocating saws, you can visit the Foxtrot online store. In it, everyone will find models of saws from brands such as Bosch, Dewalt, Stanley and others with different technical characteristics. Discounted saws available.

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