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Plunger metering pumps

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Plunger metering pumps

Specialized pumping equipment is used to create high pressure. plunger pump , used as a dispenser. If you need high-quality plunger pumps, you can contact the Doznasos specialists. You can get acquainted with the current offers of the company on the website. You can also check the technical specifications here.

Manufacturer's pumping equipment Seko

Seko manufactures pumps of the following series on the Ukrainian market:

  • Spring PS1 - equipped with a three-phase or single-phase motor. Important parameters for choosing this pump series are stroke length, stroke frequency, maximum pressure, performance, engine power.
  • Spring PS2 - used for a variety of workflows. Its productivity ranges from 40 liters per hour. The pressure is 20 bar.

Plunger pumps are made in different modifications. For example, it is possible to note the explosion-proof design, the function of additional ventilation. Pump models are equipped with a head made of different materials. Among them are polyvinyl chloride and stainless steel. These materials have fairly high performance characteristics. Among them, one can note resistance to stress and vibration. In order to resist the chemical environment, all seals are made from special polymers.

Where to buy quality plunger pumps?

When choosing a dosing pump, you should pay attention to the technical parameters of the models. Among them are engine power, productivity, maximum outlet pressure, head and other criteria. This will allow you to opt for the model that best meets the needs of customers in various industrial sectors. It is also important to select the pump of the required series depending on the goals and objectives.

To order models of plunger pumps, visit the Doznasos website. Here is a catalog of models of various series. The company's specialists will help you choose the optimal model for specific production tasks.

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