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How to choose a company to bring a car from the USA

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How to choose a company to bring a car from the USA

Future or established car owners carefully choose their future car. That is why more and more people prefer cars delivered from America. Customs barriers and the peculiarities of American and Ukrainian legislation make this process very difficult, but not for those who decided to bring a car with the help of a company that delivers a car from the United States to Kiev. But in order not to waste time and money, it is necessary to take the same responsible approach to the choice of the company. This article will discuss how not to be mistaken.

What are these companies?

Most of the companies that produce car delivery from the USA to Ukraine , have been working for more than a year. In order to stay afloat and deliver the cars ordered by them to their customers, the employees of the companies have been not only building schemes for working with the American market for years, but also expanding their presence on the North American continent.

To meet the wishes of the customer, employees of a specialized company:

  1. Looking for a car of the right make and model.
  2. They are engaged in permits.
  3. Carrying out repair work.
  4. Are engaged in the delivery and customs clearance of the vehicle.
  5. Provide additional services, for example, help with registering a car in Ukraine.

How to choose a company?

To select a company that will deliver a car from the United States, you must:

  1. Find maximum information about the company. This applies to both customer reviews and the opinions of friends who have already worked with her.
  2. The presence of offices in other Ukrainian cities and long-term work on the market will be a weighty argument in favor of cooperation with this company.
  3. Availability of special equipment and experienced auto mechanics capable of fully checking an American car.
  4. Evaluate the company's website. It is desirable that, in addition to announcements about cars and company services already driven to Ukraine, articles and reviews of other customers, as well as additional services, for example, customs clearance calculator for cars from the USA , feedback form and so on.
  5. Study the ordering algorithm, as well as estimate the cost and delivery time of the vehicle. Inquire about the possibility of reducing the price of a car through discounts, concluding a follow-up service agreement, and so on.
  6. Take care of the legal side of the transaction. For example, an integral part of a deal between aamotors and a customer is the conclusion of a contract that clearly sets out the customer's wishes and obligations of both parties, as well as the company's responsibility for the delivery and technical condition of the vehicle.
  7. Providing a report on the technical condition of the car (nuances of the body, power plant, suspension, mileage, accidents, and so on).
  8. Provision of other services. These include servicing the car after delivery to the client, assistance in registering the vehicle, and so on.

We hope our recommendations will help you find a reliable dealer and get the American car you've dreamed of.

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