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MMSK repairmen received a multifunctional machining center

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MMSK repairmen received a multifunctional machining center

Mednogorsk (Orenburg region)

A five-axis numerically controlled milling center, model S50, was put into operation at the mechanical section of the overhaul shop at Mednogorsk MSC (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex). The cost of multifunctional equipment was 25.5 million rubles. It was manufactured in a special design bureau (SKB) "Machine-Tool Building" in the city of Sterlitamak, Republic of Bashkortostan, and its characteristics correspond to the best modern models of Russian and foreign equipment.

The acquisition of a new generation machine was carried out under the production automation program instead of the outdated machine park mechanical section of the CCR. The multifunctional machining center will be used for complex machining of complex-shaped parts. It can carry out various types of processing: drilling, countersinking, reaming, tapping and milling, as well as finishing straight and contour milling of parts.

- All operations for the manufacture of parts are carried out in automatic mode. The operator performs only preparatory and final work on setting up tools, installing and removing workpieces. Due to its high productivity, the CNC machine will allow to more quickly and efficiently fulfill orders of varying complexity from the copper smelting shop and other production units of the plant, - says Maxim Dolgorukov, deputy head of the overhaul workshop.

The machine was delivered to the enterprise in assembled form. ... The specialists of the overhaul workshop prepared the foundation on which the machining center was installed. The functionality of all units and mechanisms and the operation of the electronic system were checked by the adjusters of the manufacturing equipment of the manufacturer. The machining center will be serviced by two operators of machine tools with programmed numerical control: Aleksey Vorobyov, a turner of the fifth grade, and Marsel Khakimov, a gear cutter of the 5th grade. The daily inspection is assigned to the electromechanic of the mechanical section of the overhaul workshop.

It should be noted that two more lathes made in Bulgaria were purchased for the plant's repairmen in 2020. In total, in 2021, the copper-sulfur plant has planned about 520 million rubles (116% of the level of 2020) for the purchase of new and instead of worn-out equipment.

In addition to the Mednogorsk copper-sulfur plant, such enterprises of the Ural mining -metallurgical company, such as PJSC "Gaysky GOK" (city of Gai), specializing in the extraction of copper-pyrite ore by underground and open-pit methods and its processing at its own concentrating plant, LLC "Orenburgsky Radiator" (Orenburg), specializing in the development of , introduction and serial production of radiator products.

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