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How to choose a company for the delivery of cars from the USA

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How to choose a company for the delivery of cars from the USA

Used cars from the USA are increasingly coming to Ukraine. The reason is the high quality of these cars: it is known that copies from America are better than European and Ukrainian counterparts. The question arises: how to safely order transport from the States and which company to contact?

Self-service car delivery from the USA

There are two ways to buy vehicles at an American auction: independently and through an intermediary. This applies not only to cars. On trading floors you can buy any vehicle - a motorcycle, snowmobile, yacht and even a tractor. You can take over the purchase yourself. In this case, you yourself are looking for a car, bidding, dealing with delivery, customs clearance and certification. Self-ordering a vehicle from America is associated with certain risks:

  • Recovery. You don't know how much it will cost you to repair a used car;
  • Fraud. Most auctions give access to trading only to companies that have passed special registration. Some of them can be traded by individuals - for example, Copart. In this case, you simply run the risk of running into resellers who will sell you a car filled with low-quality spare parts;
  • Delivery. Choosing an independent way of ordering a car from America, you will be forced to control the entire process of travel of your transport to Ukraine - 2-3 months from the date of purchase at the auction;
  • Customs clearance. This stage of buying a car from the USA is fraught with a lot of paperwork. If you do not have significant experience in the delivery of cars from overseas, you risk spending a lot of time and nerves on customs clearance;

Order a car from the USA through an intermediary

This method has several advantages. AMERICA MOTORS specialists will help you with the following questions:

  • Vehicle selection. You just set the parameters and the budget, the search falls on the shoulders of the intermediary;
  • Redemption at auction. Experts in the American used car market sell cars on a daily basis and know the auction well;
  • Delivery. Experts not only accompany delivery. The location of the vehicle and the state in which it is located can also affect the overall cost. Therefore, market experts will select a car taking into account its geography;
  • Customs clearance. The specialist deals with all paperwork.

If the car needs restoration, then AMERICA MOTORS will help you with repairs quickly and inexpensively. Contact the company today in order to order a car from America in an excellent configuration as soon as possible!

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