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SPACE IS CONQUERED BY THE BRAVE: Sandvik Coromant solutions for the digitalization of the aerospace industry at MAKS-2021

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Sandvik Coromant, an expert in the field of cutting tools and tool systems, will take part in the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021, where it will present its advanced digital solutions at the stand of its partner, FINVAL Group.
So, from July 20 to 23 in Zhukovsky, the company will present an updated digital platform CoroPlus, which is designed to combine all digital solutions to improve production efficiency. It includes a number of solutions for the main stages of production, as well as solutions for tool logistics.

Among the key components of the system: CoroPlus ToolGuide-software that gives recommendations on optimal cutting modes, a program for creating and importing 3D models of tools into the CAM system-CoroPlus ToolLibrary and the CoroPlus ToolPath software package, which includes software for creating control programs for processing methods PrimeTurning and SpiroGrooving.

Extensive software capabilities allow you to fully simulate the operation of machine mechanisms, optimize processing modes, detect and eliminate errors at the design stage, which as a result will avoid damage to the final part, tooling and the tool itself.

An equally important component of CoroPlus is instrumental logistics - special software for controlling inventory. It is compatible with all the main types of storage and delivery devices: open storage systems, spiral type, "cabinets" with sliding shelves, as well as systems with cell control, so it becomes easy and fast to find the necessary tool. In addition, with the help of this software, you can identify the least used tool, as well as track each registered unit, getting information about when and by whom it was taken, for which machine or part. Together, all these features already allow you to optimize inventory, as well as significantly reduce the downtime of equipment during commissioning. In the near future, the company plans to release an update, replacing the AutoTAS known to Russian customers with the CoroPlus Tool Supply, which will allow achieving even greater savings.

Another novelty in a number of Sandvik Coromant digital solutions presented at MAKS-2021 will be the VERICUT software package designed to visualize the process of machining parts on CNC machines, as well as checking and optimizing control programs for virtual simulation of the process.

"We highly appreciate the cooperation with FINVAL Group of Companies, because for more than three decades of joint work, we have managed to implement dozens of successful projects, in particular, in the field of digital transformation of enterprises and the introduction of integrated solutions to increase efficiency and improve economic indicators of production. Participation in MAKS-2021 is an opportunity to demonstrate to the market our joint achievements in civil aviation and the role that Sandvik Coromant digital solutions play in them, " says Andrey Pashenko, Sales Director of Sandvik Coromant.

During the exhibition, Finval Group holds a presentation of the roadmap for the digital transformation of the enterprise, prepared on the basis of the implemented projects of Finval-Engineering, many of which were implemented jointly with Sandvik Coromant. This is the development, protection and implementation of measures to improve the efficiency of technologies, business processes and IT solutions based on the functions and tasks of departments, areas of responsibility, interaction, information flows and documents; assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise (work center, site, workshop) in the technical, technological, organizational, managerial and information areas; the entire technological cycle-from the design and launch of the project to the support of systems, implemented solutions and their further development.

"The exploration of the boundless expanses of space began 60 years ago, and not so long ago the first suborbital space flight was successfully completed not by a professional cosmonaut, but by an entrepreneur, who, I am convinced, will mark the beginning of the era of "affordable space tourism". This year MAKS is the only large-scale event for the Russian aerospace industry and, as a result, the best place for the presentation of advanced solutions that embody all the accumulated experience and expertise of not only FINVAL Group specialists, but also employees of partner enterprises, such as Sandvik Coromant, " commented Dmitry Vladimirovich Kadinsky, General Director of Finval-Engineering.

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