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Severstal develops new formats of interaction with construction companies of the Russian Federation

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, develops partner schemes for manufacturing products for the construction industry in Russia. The company becomes a supplier of finished products from its own rolled metal. Severstal was the first to implement such a scheme in the practice of Russian metallurgy. In the first half of 2021, the company supplied over 10 thousand tons of metal products manufactured under partnership schemes.

Today Severstal is present on the pipe sheet piling market - narrow, but promising, which is associated with economic growth and the development of hydraulic engineering, in particular, the emergence new ports and terminals. Previously, the company supplied raw materials for the production of this product - a pipe and a lock profile. Now, with the help of partners, it acts as a supplier of the finished product. Severstal's key advantage in this area is the ability to provide high volumes within the time frame required by the client for the implementation of large construction projects, control over the production and quality of the finished product.

Another example is the experience in the production of screw piles in a partnership scheme. This product is a prefabricated foundation element. It has a wide range of applications: from low-rise and individual housing to industrial construction, for example, power transmission towers, hydraulic structures - berths and piers.

“This approach of Severstal can be replicated by successful examples of partnerships aimed at developing the Russian market. The key of nihstalo cooperation with the Production Association "Lower Volga Trubnyyzavod", which this year is logical <-! Dle_leech_begin -> continued purchase of 20% stake . It was with the enterprises within the association that we mastered the production of the first domestic pipe under a partnership scheme between the pipe plant and the steel manufacturer. We see opportunities for our joint development and expanding the geography of supplies. The experience of such sales schemes, delivery of both Severstal rolled metal and components to the partner's address, and finished products to the address of the end customer, allow us to realize the potential of partner sales in other directions and with new products. As a result, we will be able to offer complex solutions to customers of the construction industry in Russia under conditions convenient for them and with a guarantee of quality, "says Evgeny Chernyakov, Severstal's director for work with construction industry companies.

Severstal decided to implement partnerships in production sandwich panels. A pilot project is currently being carried out on the addition of a new section bar mill 170 at the Cherepovets Steel Mill. At the same time, the wall and roof sandwich panels for this facility include Severstal's branded rolled metal products - CoversafeSuperproof. This metal is specially designed for the production of sandwich panels and wall sheeting, operated in harsh conditions, for example, for the construction of buildings and structures for chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper industries. Its polymer coating is resistant to the destructive effects of aggressive environments.

The Coversafe line of steels for building envelopes, which Severstal can offer to builders today, is also represented by the Classic product. It is galvanized steel with a polymer coating. It is applicable as a base wall material and has a wide range of colors and a guarantee of durability up to 30 years. Such rolled metal is recommended for buildings of any purpose operated in a normal environment. At the same time, for regions with high solar activity, a branded product Decoproof has been developed. The use of polyvinylidene fluoride resin in its coating formula ensures that the color of the structure remains unchanged for many years. This product is recommended for buildings to which high aesthetic requirements are applied: entertainment centers, art objects.

Production experience, proven technologies and quality of rolled steel not only for branded but also for so-called ordinary steel grades allow Severstal to participate in significant projects at the country level. Among the latest examples are the supply of rolled metal for the construction of the Central Ring Road (TsKAD) in the Moscow Region, one of the key elements of the capital's transport system and large-scale infrastructure projects in Russia. A significant part of the structures for the Central Ring Road was made of steel from Severstal: barriers, lighting poles and noise screens. For this object, metallurgists used structural grades S235JR, St3 and 09G2S. The company's employees relied on the chemical composition, namely, the silicon content, to better galvanize the products. This will allow structures to work in an aggressive road environment for many years.

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