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Spur gear motors

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Spur gear motors

Industrial equipment of the same type can be equipped with different types of gearboxes. Among the most popular types are worm and spur gear motors. The article discusses the technical and economic feasibility of cylindrical schemes in industrial equipment.

Advantages of helical geared motors

Due to the high degree of standardization of components, dimensions, butt joints, helical gearmotors are characterized by optimal compatibility with electric motors and production equipment.

  • Helical gearboxes stand out for their highest efficiency and longest service life.
  • In practice, gearboxes are characterized by low wear, minimal heating.
  • Installation and commissioning of new drive equipment is carried out only once.
  • In comparison with worm gears, helical geared motors are advisable to be used in mechanisms that operate for a long time.

Helical gear unit maintenance

The actuator is inspected periodically, scheduled maintenance after thousands of operating hours. Compared to a worm gear motor, a spur gear motor requires inexpensive mineral oil. While worm gears are prone to overheating and require specific expensive oils and systematic maintenance.

Helical geared motors: payback and economy

Fast payback is possible due to the high technical resource of the geared motor and energy savings. For this purpose, it is rational to use spur gearboxes complete with frequency converters. Since the cylindrical drive does not have a self-locking function, the efficiency will be the same when rotating in either direction. As a consequence, the efficiency from the supply through the frequency converter will be much higher. You can learn more here .

Which geared motors can be bought in Techno-Privod

Techno-Privod supplies geared motors of the leading brands Chiaravalli, I-Mak Reduktor, CMR Riduttori, Neri Motori to the Ukrainian market. When choosing a specific model of a cylindrical gear motor, it is necessary to take into account the recommended scope and be guided by the parameters: gear ratio, torque value, overall dimensions. For hoisting and transport mechanisms, spur gear motors with parallel shafts are used. In the construction industry, small drives are installed on mixers and concrete mixers.

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