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Wholesale supplies of diesel fuel

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Wholesale supplies of diesel fuel

The company "Evrotek" specializes in the supply of high quality motor fuel, which it buys from reliable and proven oil refining companies. Here you can buy wholesale diesel fuel at competitive prices. On the site, you can clarify the terms of the order and quickly place a purchase.

Diesel fuels

By contacting the company's specialists, you can order summer and winter diesel fuel. For the convenience of placing an order on the site, the main selection parameters are indicated. So, you can order fuel depending on the following criteria:

  • Basis of shipment.
  • PTF.
  • Flash point.
  • Manufacturer.
  • Density.

All of the above parameters play a key role in choosing the type of diesel fuel.

How to order diesel fuel with delivery?

The company "EUROTECH" has its own vehicle fleet of special equipment for the transportation of diesel fuel. So, in the arsenal there are fuel trucks with a capacity of up to 40 cubic meters. They are equipped with a fuel control system. Therefore, the company is maximally client-oriented and allows satisfying the needs to the fullest. If the client wishes, the fuel tanker can be sealed. Thus, you are guaranteed to get a quality product in the right amount.

It is possible to receive a bulk order with delivery. It is carried out in Moscow and the region. If the client has his own equipment, you can pick up your order yourself. To do this, you need to contact the oil depot of the company or partners.

How much will diesel cost?

The cost of diesel fuel is at an extremely low level. This is not only due to direct purchases from suppliers. You can also note the well-oiled logistics, which allows you to set a small margin on the product. There are special prices for regular wholesale buyers. Discounts are offered for them. It should be noted that the final cost of the order is also influenced by the batch size.

Thus, it is possible to place a bulk order for Euro diesel fuel and get attractive purchase prices.

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