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Ophthalmological Center "Visium": modern solutions to vision problems

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Ophthalmological Center "Visium": modern solutions to vision problems

Vision is a fickle function of the body. It is necessary to maintain it at the proper level in order to maintain contact with the outside world, achieve success in assigned tasks, easily interact with others and get to know yourself. A drop in the level of vision, any problems associated with eye health, quickly affect the quality of life, so one should not neglect the first signals of emerging difficulties.

The network of ophthalmological clinics "Visium" offers a full range of services for diagnosis, treatment, surgery, rehabilitation and prevention of eye diseases. The medical center provides assistance to patients of different ages, taking into account individual, age, physiological characteristics and needs.

Services of the Ophthalmological Center "Visium"

"Visium" is 10 diagnostic and surgical medical clinics specializing in the restoration and maintenance of visual function. The full list of services provided by the network can be found on the website https://visium.com.ua/.

To restore vision in the "Visium" ophthalmological center, modern equipment from recommended manufacturers is used, which is used in the best international clinics.

Devices with the help of which medical assistance is provided in "Visium:

  • excimer laser Allegretto Wave Eye-Q EX 500 (Alcon) for high-precision vision correction;
  • diagnostic topographer Allegro Oculyzer (WaveLight AG, Alcon) for computer examination of corneal surfaces;
  • Constellation Vision System surgical instrument for vitreous, retina, lens and cataract;
  • LuxOR® LX3 ophthalmic microscope;
  • optical coherence tomograph SOCT Copernicus REVO;
  • surgery planning system Verion, Alcon (USA), used for lens removal;
  • compact universal tomograph Cirrus Photo 800 (Zeiss), used for diagnostics of retinal pathologies;
  • YAG + SLT laser system for combined vision restoration techniques;
  • OPMI Lumera microscope, Carl Zeiss Meditec (Germany) for up-to-date and high-precision diagnostics and operable exposure;
  • device for safe and painless cataract elimination Infinity Vision, Alcon (USA);
  • optical biometer OB820 (Alcon, WaveLight, Germany), used in the study of the organs of vision;
  • keratotopograph-aberrometer Keratron Scout, SCHWIND, (Germany), used when working with the cornea;
  • automatic diagnostic refracto-keratometer CX 2000 Rodenstock;
  • Rodenstock perimeter for clinical practice and visual dynamics tracking;
  • digital fundus camera VISUCAM PRO NMtm, Carl Zeiss Meditec (Germany) for the diagnosis of inflammatory diseases and edema;
  • automatic microkeratome Carriazo-Pendular, SCHWIND (Germany), topical in surgery;
  • system for microsurgical operations on the lens capsule and anterior segment of the eye 3000LE, Alcon (USA);
  • optical coherence tomograph for diagnostics Stratus OCT 3000, Carl Zeiss Meditec (Germany).

With the help of this equipment, you can identify any eye disease in the early stages, select the appropriate treatment method and implement it.

Examination and treatment in the network of clinics "Visium"

Make an appointment for your first visit to the Visium ophthalmological center by filling out the form on the website. You can also leave a request for a call back, and the administrator will contact you to make an appointment with a doctor and subsequent diagnostics.

Throughout the entire course of treatment, the patient receives the necessary support from a team of professionals. Specialists accompany him from the first visit to the completion of the prescribed procedures. Any changes are carefully monitored, and the treatment plan is adjusted in accordance with their dynamics.

Take care of eye health and quality of vision today!

Source: visium.com.ua

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