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The results of the work of the Commission on labor and production issues were summed up at the MMSK

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The results of the work of the Commission on labor and production issues were summed up at the MMSK

At the Mednogorsk copper-sulfuric plant (an enterprise of the metallurgical complex of the UMMC), the results of the work of the commission on labor and production issues, which, together with the trade union, was created in May of this year with the aim of solving the most pressing issues of working conditions, were summed up.

It consisted of sixteen experienced and respected employees of the enterprise from seven main and auxiliary workshops of the plant. Over the past period, 82 issues were submitted to the commission for consideration, 61 of them were resolved positively. For example, the financing of the costs for the provision of personal protective equipment and overalls has increased from 40 million rubles. up to 70 million rubles for the past period. The cost of a coupon for therapeutic and prophylactic nutrition, which is provided at the expense of the enterprise, has increased by 10%. In addition, the funds were used to purchase household appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners, coolers, etc.). The total amount of expenditures directed by the enterprise to improve labor protection conditions for workers in 2021 will amount to more than 90 million rubles.

- It should be noted that the joint commission fully justified the need for its creation. We managed not only to respond as quickly as possible to each appeal, but also to promptly resolve the issues raised on the repair of technological equipment, providing employees with personal protective equipment and overalls, improving working conditions and repairing household premises, etc. We agreed on additional payments for work in abnormally hot months, put into effect the updated Regulations on the remuneration of metallurgists. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the commission continues its work. I call on everyone who is interested in the progressive development of the city-forming enterprise to use this form of interaction, which has proven its effectiveness, - says the general director of MMSK Ilfat Iskhakov.

Among the topical issues of the commission's work was the progress of repair and restoration work in the copper smelter two shaft furnaces were repaired with the installation of new flux bunkers, scheduled repairs of the Pobeda smelting unit and converter No. 3 were carried out. At the briquetting site, the drying oven No. 1 was repaired with a complete replacement of the body. To date, all copper smelting furnaces and units are in working order. The total cost of repair work in the period from May to August amounted to about 128 million rubles.

- The work of the commission was open, public and transparent. We recorded all the appeals that came to us during the meetings of the members of the commission in labor collectives, as well as through the heads of departments and trade union activists. In workshops and departments, a positive shift is noticeable in assessing the activities of the commission and the management of the enterprise based on the results of feedback from employees. Much credit for this is given to the renewed cultural and sports events that serve to unite the team, - says the chairman of the trade union organization of MMSK Marcel Solodky. monthly, regular meetings with the head of the city were added, where current issues of public transport, road repair, the work of healthcare, education, culture and sports are discussed. Over the past summer, as part of this work, a section of the road near the plant was repaired, 11 courtyards, 4 bus pavilions, etc. were landscaped. Mednogorsk MSK participates in most of these projects and, with the support of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, consistently implements a policy to create a comfortable urban living environment for its employees and residents of the city of Mednogorsk.

In the Orenburg Region, there are such enterprises of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company as Orenburg Radiator LLC (Orenburg), specializing in the development, implementation and serial production of radiator products, and Gaysky GOK PJSC (Gai), specializing in the extraction of copper - pyrite ore by underground and open methods and its processing at our own processing plant.

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