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Convenience and efficiency: the LF-14 LHD from the GHH Group

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Convenience and efficiency: the LF-14 LHD from the GHH Group

GHH Group, a complete solutions provider for the mining and tunneling industries, has unveiled a new generation LF-14 LHD, the most powerful in the 14-ton class.

The LF-14 has the best ratio of compactness, power and weight in its class - with a curb weight of 41,680 kg, its carrying capacity is 14,000 kg, and dimensions of only 11079x3095x2477 mm, so that it can be operated even in narrow workings. An outer turning radius of 7348 mm and an inner turning radius of 3571 mm, with a fold angle of ± 44 °, guarantee increased maneuverability during work.

The LHD can be equipped with a choice of water-cooled diesel engines of the Tier 3, Tier 4 and Stage V classes from Volvo. All of them are equipped with the SCR emission control system, which is especially important for underground work. The maximum available power is 285 kW / 1900 rpm, the capacity of the gas tank is 410 liters. The maximum speed of the LF-14 is 26.3 km / h, the maximum tractive effort is 356 Kn, and the maximum allowable ascent / descent angle is 25%.

The rugged frame and design features of the GHH Group machines ensure the lowest operating costs. With a hydraulic system operating pressure of 280 bar with two lift cylinders and one tilt cylinder, boom lift takes 7 seconds, lower time 4.2 seconds and bucket tilt time 2.2 seconds. Ride control, weighing system and bucket shake function ensure timely and safe material delivery. The Z-bar of the bucket control system is optimized for efficient loading of the truck.

The GHH Group pays special attention to creating comfortable conditions for the operator. The ergonomic ROPS / FOPS certified cab is intuitive to operate, has good visibility and is equipped with a camera system for monitoring blind spots. In addition, it has increased legroom and space for personal protective equipment and other equipment. Together, all this provides the operator with the most comfortable and safe working conditions.

“One of the main advantages of our company is a customer-oriented approach. For example, individual selection of buckets and attachments is carried out for the LF-14. We pay great attention to the maintainability of the LHD, all service points are centralized and easily accessible. There is also the possibility of dismantling for lowering into the mine, which will save a lot of effort during transportation, ”said Dmitry Zhukov, Executive Director of GKHH Farzoige LLC.

Company information:

The GHH Group is one of the world's largest providers of integrated solutions for the mining and tunneling industries. The company includes GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH (Germany), GHH Mining Machines (South Africa) and Mine Master (Poland).

The GHH Group specializes in the design and manufacture of machines for working with soft and hard rock. Among the services of the company is the rental of equipment for work in mines, the provision of used LHDs and dump trucks, and service support throughout the life of the equipment. Leading mining enterprises are among the company's customers. GHH Grup cooperates with partners such as Overprime from Peru, Titan from Turkey, UVB from Botswana and Tembo from the Netherlands.

GHH Group sales and technical support offices are represented in 28 countries. The main production center is located in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. GHH Farzoige LLC is a subsidiary of GHH, which has been operating in Russia since 2010, headquartered in Moscow. Regional offices of the company are located in St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Yekaterinburg, Novokuznetsk (Kemerovo region), Mirny (Republic of Sakha, Yakutia), Kirovsk (Murmansk region) and in Gai (Orenburg region).

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