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Air conditioners for electrical cabinets

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Air conditioners for electrical cabinets

To avoid overheating of the contact group and subsequent automatic power outage during peak loads, special air conditioners that maintain the set temperature parameters directly in cabinets or blocks allow. Provides this electrical equipment in the field of industrial electrical engineering the Klansman company is the official distributor of their manufacturer Seifert System. Depending on the specifics of use and purpose, cooling systems are produced in the format:

  • Indoor and outdoor units with a given capacity (performance) of cold air supply.
  • Fans, including those equipped with heating elements to maintain the desired temperature and prevent the formation of condensation in winter.
  • Heat exchangers, as well as fans equipped with filter elements to clean the supplied air flow.

Together with the listed types of equipment, the market supplies the necessary consumables and components for their installation - thermostats for starting the cooling system in automatic mode, chillers, as well as energy-saving interior lighting of electrical distribution cabinets.

Checkout and delivery

All electrical products presented on the pages of the online catalog of the Klansman company are certified and have a detailed technical description. You can place an order and make a purchase for any item directly on the website. The service of sending the purchase to the address indicated by the client by the delivery service is provided.

For all products, parts, consumables and prefabricated equipment, without exception, a guarantee of conformity, originality and quality is provided. For consultation on the site there is an option of contacting a technical manager who will help with making a choice and placing an order.

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