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Schoolchildren from Mednogorsk visited the MMSK Museum

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Schoolchildren from Mednogorsk visited the MMSK Museum

Mednogorsk (Orenburg Region)

Students of School No. 1 visited the museum of the Mednogorsk Copper and Sulfur Combine (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex).

An excursion to the city-forming enterprise was organized for students of the fifth class of school No.1, who came to the plant to get acquainted with the history and present day of the MMSK. Parents - employees of the metallurgical enterprise took the initiative in holding the educational event, and the management of the enterprise supported the idea of ​​their employees.

Note that the factory museum, like the copper and sulfur plant itself, has its own long history. Its expositions reflect the various periods of the plant's formation, from the 20s of the last century to the present day. The first photographs and museum rarities tell of when deposits of copper pyrite were discovered, how the Blyavinsky mine was built and ore was mined, in which the copper content reached 4%. For comparison, in the current underground storehouses of copper-pyrite ores, which are being developed by Gaysky GOK (the main supplier of copper concentrate to MMSK), the copper content varies within 1%.

The construction of a copper-sulfur plant and the release of the first products in 1939 aroused particular interest of the schoolchildren. Together with the young enterprise, the social sphere of the city of Mednogorsk also developed. On September 1, 1938, the oldest city school No. 1 opened its doors. The plant has fruitful cooperation with this educational institution. Metallurgists patronize the school, and many of its graduates have worked and continue to work at the plant.

- We came to MMSK on an excursion three years ago, when the children were in the second grade. A visit to the city's main industrial facility is always an exciting experience. The children reacted vividly to the story about the production of blister copper in wartime, about the difficult period of the 90s, about a new round in the development of the copper-sulfur plant since the moment of the entry of MMSK into the UMMC in 2001. I wish the combine and its staff continued success in production activities and the same active participation in supporting educational institutions of the city, - says class teacher of 5 "b" grade Larisa Tse.

We add that within the framework of socio-economic partnership with By the administration of the city of Mednogorsk, the plant provides significant support to the development of the social sphere and communal services of the municipality, finances the development of territories and carries out charity. For these purposes in 2021 the plant plans to spend about 100 million rubles.

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