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Mikhailovsky GOK them. A.V. Varicheva is ready to receive the first tourists

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On the southern observation deck of the Mikhailovsky mining and processing plant named after A.V. Varicheva (part of Metalloinvest) held a solemn ceremony of the official launch of industrial tourism at the plant.

"The development of industrial tourism will help strengthen the region's economy and partnerships with neighbors," said the Governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit. - We form several tourist destinations, including both local history and cultural components. The industrial high-tech production of MGOK is one of the unique production sites that can attract guests to the region and interest the Kurdish people themselves. " development and corporate communications of Metalloinvest Yulia Mazanova. - We are planning to organize excursion routes at all enterprises of the company. The first to open its doors to visitors was the Mikhailovsky GOK named after A.V. Varicheva. The plant contributes to the creation of a creative atmosphere and tourist attraction of the city. The Kasatik exhibition that opened today in the Chicory Art Space is a confirmation of this.

A visit to the quarry and impressive production facilities of the enterprise will be integrated into the tourist routes of the Kursk region and will serve to increase investment in the region.

“Today we are giving an official start to industrial tourism at one of the most interesting production facilities in the country - Mikhailovsky GOK, - said Managing Director of MGOK Anton Zakharov, - To see with your own eyes the colossal scale of the plant and to understand how metal is born will be interesting even for those who are completely far from our industry ".

The project will acquaint people with the advanced technologies of the mining and metallurgical industry and the principles of green metallurgy that Metalloinvest follows, and will also serve to popularize blue-collar professions.

It is symbolic that the passport of an industrial tourist MGOK No. 1 and a certificate for visiting other enterprises of the company with an introductory tour was presented on this day by the managing director Anton Zakharov, an excellent student and activist of the Zheleznogorsk Mining and Metallurgical College, a Metalloinvest scholar Dmitry Zolotukhin.

The South Observation Deck is the central object of three tourist routes created at MGOK. From here, you can observe a large-scale panorama of the quarry and the entire process of ore mining, including the operation of the crushing and conveyor complex, bursting machines, excavators, railway and motor transport. Here you can also take a picture with a real career giant - 130-ton Belaz.

Part of the tourist route is also the Chicory Center for Contemporary Art, opened with the support of Metalloinvest and the Art, Science and Sport Foundation.

Simultaneously with the launch of industrial tourism, the exhibition "Where to find Iris?" - this is an artistic vision of the processes of mining production, a special, creative look at the relationship between the city, the combine, the environment.

Detailed information about the routes and schedule of excursions can be found on the website https://hochunamgok.ru/

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