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Office and industrial LED luminaires from the manufacturer

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Office and industrial LED luminaires from the manufacturer

With the onset of calendar autumn, and then winter, the duration of daylight hours is significantly reduced, which means that the cost of electric lighting increases. And if for an apartment such an increase is not too noticeable, then for a manufacturing enterprise or an office building, the costs look quite significant. LED lamps from a manufacturer in Moscow , which:

  • Have low parameters of electrical energy consumption.
  • Long-lasting, service life exceeds 10 years.
  • The level (degree, frequency) of illumination is created as close to natural as possible.

The costs associated with replacing lighting devices equipped with fluorescent or conventional incandescent lamps can pay off literally in 1-2 years, after which LED equipment will begin to bring economic benefits without sacrificing quality.

Preliminary design and professional installation

The manager or responsible person who decides to install LED lighting devices at the enterprise does not have to independently search for suitable models and hire electricians to carry out installation work. The company "Techno-Pro", which manufactures this type of office and industrial lamps, provides its customers with the following types of additional services:

  • Calculation of the required number of lamps for each specific room.
  • Drawing up an electrical diagram of the installation of devices.
  • Provision of optimally suitable lamps of our own production at the lowest (selling) price.
  • Fast and professional installation work and turnkey delivery of the order to the client.
  • Providing a long-term guarantee both for the lighting equipment itself and for the installation work performed.

You can get more complete information, as well as familiarize yourself with the types of office and industrial LED lamps using the online catalog of their manufacturer, Techno-Pro. Ordering a preliminary cost estimate is carried out according to the parameters provided by the client 30 minutes after the application is submitted.

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