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Purchase of round pipes made of AD31T aluminum

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Purchase of round pipes made of AD31T aluminum

Non-ferrous metal products are in demand in many areas of activity. Rolled aluminum and stainless steel are the leaders in the non-ferrous metal rolling market. One of the most popular products of rolled aluminum is pipes. There are quite a lot of suppliers of this kind of products. It is important to give preference to proven companies that are active in the sale of rolled metal. On request round pipe AD31T to buy in St. Petersburg , you can pay attention to the company's offers "Element". She has specialized in supplying aluminum profiles for over 10 years.

Purchase of round pipe AD31T

The main material is based on aluminum and duralumin alloys. Round section pipes can be presented in different designs, differing in diameter and wall thickness. According to the established standards, they are produced in lengths up to 6 meters. By contacting the company's specialists, you can order products of greater length. Pipes with a circular cross-section can be with a wall thickness of up to 5 mm or more.

The production of round aluminum pipes is carried out by extrusion. The company manufactures round pipes from AD31T aluminum alloy with various types of coating. Depending on the needs of customers, it can be ordered both without coating, and with anodized or paintwork. Powder is also popular as a surface coating element.

Peculiarities of using round pipes

Due to a whole range of properties, aluminum pipes are used in many areas, from construction to the production of advertising structures, antennas, etc. They have high anti-corrosion resistance, sufficient strength and flexibility. It is convenient to work with them, giving the desired shape, cutting and bending as needed.

The site contains a table indicating the dimensions and availability of round pipes of the AD31T grade and other options in the warehouse. To order, you can send an application on the website, contact the specified phone numbers or write to e-mail.

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