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LED street screens

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LED street screens

Street advertising is designed to attract the attention of passers-by, thereby acting as an effective engine of trade. Among its popular representatives are LED street screens serving as elements of outdoor advertising. If you need to order such screens to display any information, you can contact the specialists of the UKR Svetodiod company. On the site ukr-svetodiod.com.ua/ekrany-ulichnie/ you can buy quality products at affordable prices.

Features of the use of outdoor screens

LED screens are widely used both in stadiums and in various entertainment venues. LED screens can be seen in shops, car dealerships, medical institutions.

What kind of LED screen to install is up to the customers. Much depends on factors such as the brightness of the glow, as well as the class of protection. Based on these criteria, the cost of the screen is formed. Both budget models of screens and a higher price range are available for ordering. Also, the final cost is influenced by the type of assembly. It can be either type-setting modular or cabinet. In addition, the cost is formed depending on the pixel pitch.

Advantages of outdoor LED screens

Significant operational benefits include:

  • Wide audience coverage.
  • Use in different climatic conditions.
  • Improving the company's image.
  • Value for money.
  • Possibility of round-the-clock operation.

By contacting the company's specialists, you can order a street screen at an affordable price. The company's specialists are engaged in the delivery and installation of screens in different Ukrainian regions.

Order LED outdoor advertising screens

If the task is to purchase a high-quality outdoor screen for broadcasting advertising, you can contact the specialists of the "Ukr Svetodiod" company. The company's specialists will help you choose a screen model for the specific needs of users. If necessary, specialists provide warranty and post-warranty customer service.

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