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Purchase of traffic lights

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Purchase of traffic lights

With the help of traffic lights, traffic on different sections of the road is regulated. If you need to order transport traffic lights, you can pay attention to the offers of the Industrial Point company. You can find out more about the terms of order and types of transport traffic lights on the website https://prompoint.ru/promyshlennoe-oborudovanie/svetofori-transportnuie-svetofori .

Selecting traffic lights

Setting the traffic light is possible on the right or left side of the road. Possibility of installation above the road is provided. Thus, it is possible to order the installation for a varied budget. The specialists of the company will tell you what type of traffic light you can buy. The catalog of LED models has a number of features:

  • No ghost blur effect. The LED traffic light makes the glow invisible to the driver.
  • Extended service life. LEDs are characterized by a long service life. They can be replaced pointwise without having to dismantle the entire system.
  • The presence of a shock-resistant case that can withstand not only mechanical damage, but also negative natural factors.
  • Financial savings due to lower energy consumption. This criterion is relevant when it comes to comparing LED traffic lights with standard models.

The LED traffic light will perfectly fit into the urban look. It can be made in both light and dark designs.

Ordering traffic lights from Promyshlennaya Tochka

The company has been supplying industrial equipment since 2006. Loyal customers are offered favorable terms of cooperation, which are expressed in the ability to place both wholesale and retail orders. They can count on bonuses and discounts. The most popular models are always available for immediate order.

The company's website contains a catalog of traffic light models. For the convenience of each client, the description page contains not only technical characteristics, but also the actual cost. This will allow you to make the best choice as quickly as possible.

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