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MMK develops data management

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Since 2019, MMK Group has been implementing a large-scale Strategic Initiative Industry 4.0 (Strategy 2025) aimed at digitalizing production and business processes of PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works and its subsidiaries. Digitalization is one of the key tools for achieving the Group's strategic goals; it covers all production redistributions. Currently, MMK's digitalization portfolio includes more than 100 promising projects, as well as a number of digital initiatives.

Talking about “Strategy 2025”, Dmitry Ganaev listed the main steps that MMK-Informservice specialists, together with employees of specialized departments, are taking to ensure the development of MMK's information technologies. Firstly, this is the development of basic solutions: the formation of an infrastructure of data sources, the development and unification of production management systems (MES-systems), the use of industrial Internet of things technology to collect extended information. Further, on this basis, systems of automatic planning, advanced analytics, mathematical modeling of processes, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are built.

The next steps are to combine all available solutions into a single digital ecosystem, develop and support the formed IT infrastructure. The development of the data management function is an especially important stage in the process, where huge amounts of information are generated and analyzed on a daily basis.

The creation of a corporate data warehouse (QCD) with a data management function will allow MMK to solve this problem. Thanks to the introduction of QCD, analysts of the company will be able to quickly receive information about the life cycle and production parameters, in addition, QCD will become a single source for the development of analytical reports, which will reduce the load on the servers of automated process control systems and databases of MES systems.

"The goals of this project are to provide consumers, that is, business users, analysts, IT specialists of the MMK Group with high-quality data at the right time, to help the interaction of business users and IT specialists, to improve the quality of data and their availability," he noted Dmitry Ganaev.

Mars Wrigley Digital Marathon is an event held by Mars Wrigley Corporation for all Russian employees (over 1000 people) to exchange experience and demonstrate achievements in the field of digitalization and data management. In addition to MMK, the marathon was attended by representatives of Sber X (directorate of Sberbank), Mail.ru Group, McKinsey & Company, Inbev, Unilever, Consultancy Group and other large companies.

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