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Severstal announced cooperation with SberUnity innovation search platform

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PJSC Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, has announced the start of cooperation with SberUity's platform - a unified digital space for creating direct links between start-ups, venture capitalists and large technology companies.

As a resident of SberUity, Severstal will be able to automate technology scouting and select relevant startups from a list, and the company will also be able to post its own requests for innovative technologies. Startups will be able to view corporate requests and directly respond to them.

The base of startups, investors and technology companies will be constantly updated and replenished. In the future, the platform will also include functionality for advisers, incubators, technology parks, development institutions and other participants in the innovation ecosystem. It is planned that by 2022 the SberUity audience will number 5 thousand participants.

Severstal began to work closely with the startup community in 2019, when the first accelerator for projects in the field of metallurgy was launched and the Severstal Open Innovations website was launched "(Https://iovatios.severstal.com/).During this time, we reviewed more than 700 startups, conducted two waves of the corporate accelerator, and last year launched 14 successful pilots and scaled 8 projects that have proven their effectiveness. We are excited to join the SberUity space to strengthen the search for innovation and expand access to a variety of technologies. We are confident that the partnership between Sberbank and leading companies will give a positive impetus to the Russian venture market, "said Severstal CEO Alexander Shevelev.

Uilever, Magnit, NLMK Group, IBM, Beeline, NVidia and other companies also joined SberUity.

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