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Severstal supported the creation of the Pharmacy Museum in Cherepovets

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PJSC Severstal supported the creation of a new museum telling about the development of pharmacy within the framework of the Cherepovets Museum Association.

Visitors to the updated and supplemented exposition of the Pharmacy Museum can now take an excursion into history, look at the shelves of Cherepovets pharmacies, learn about the unusual products of the pharmacy stores that sold, in addition to drugs, slimming powders, soaps, spices and even bicycles.

The exposition contains everything related to the professions of a pharmacist and pharmacist. Old reference books, professional equipment, mechanisms and apparatus are offered to the attention of visitors, here you can see old signatures (labels with a copy of the recipe), in photographs you can see how the interiors of pre-revolutionary and Soviet pharmacies looked like. The subject line allows us to trace the long path of the pharmacy business - from the "green shops" and the sovereign pharmacies, which served only the royal family, to the pharmaceutical production, capable of providing the population of the entire country with the necessary drugs.

, the situation when in each pharmacy they did not just sell medicines, but made them according to a doctor's prescription. Here visitors of the museum have at their disposal the tools used by pharmacists and pharmacists in the manufacture of medicinal forms (test tubes, scales, mortars). During special interactive sessions, guests of the museum, under the guidance of a pharmacist and according to a recipe, can independently create an ointment, powder or solution.

In addition to the main exhibition, a "green shop" has been recreated in the museum space, which gives an idea of ​​the medieval prototype of modern pharmacies. Behind the curtain are old wardrobes with wet preparations, stuffed animals, dried with medicinal herbs.

The new museum has also become a career guidance platform that can acquaint schoolchildren with the profession of a pharmacist and supplement the educational process with an unusual museum format of natural science orientation.

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