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UMMC specialists took part in the conference "Copper, Brass, Bronze"

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UMMC specialists took part in the conference "Copper, Brass, Bronze"

UMMC specialists took part in the 10th All-Russian Conference "Copper, Brass, Bronze: Production and Consumption Trends". The event was traditionally organized by IIS Metal Supply and Sales with the support of the Russian Union of Metal Products Suppliers, AKRON HOLDING and Metal-Expo. The conference was attended by several dozen managers and specialists of companies producing various types of products from copper and its alloys, as well as organizations selling metals.

In the plenary part of the conference, Tatyana Kuchina, head of sales of non-ferrous metal rolled products of UMMC, presented a report on the development production and sale of rolled non-ferrous metals at the company's enterprises in the context of instability in the economy and rising prices for raw materials. “UMMC continues to maintain its leading positions in the non-ferrous rolled metal market due to a competent marketing and sales strategy, timely modernization of equipment and improvement of technologies. These changes allow us to promptly respond to market demands, to produce high quality products with high margins, ”noted Tatyana Kuchina.

Denis Vozovikov, head of the marketing and analytics department, also made a presentation. He presented one of the new UMMC non-ferrous rolled products - antimicrobial copper foil with a sticky CuPRO layer. The emphasis in the report was made on the antimicrobial properties of the product, which are of particular relevance in the context of the spread of coronavirus infection. As you know, 99.9% of pathogenic organisms die on a copper surface.

In the format of round tables, the conference participants discussed the situation on the domestic market for rolled non-ferrous metals. Experts noted the significant impact of the global market on the Russian market, and also identified possible changes in the industry in connection with the transition to "green" energy.

In addition, at the conference, representatives of UMMC held a number of meetings with partners of the company, during which were outlined the ways of further mutually beneficial cooperation. Oleg Khramov, Deputy Commercial Director for Sales of UMMC products, took a direct part in the meetings.

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