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Winter clothing for fishing and hunting


With the advent of cold weather, most fishermen and hunters do not abandon their favorite hobby.

Winter clothing for fishing and hunting

They are happy to go out on the ice and into the winter forest to return home with their prey. Clothing for fishing and hunting plays a key role in the safety of people in nature at low temperatures, for more details see https://www.tkspecodegda.ru/ohota-i-ribalka/. Comfort and length of stay in the open air will depend on its correct choice.

The main qualities of clothing

It is especially difficult to decide on the choice of clothes for those who make a purchase for the first time. Too large an assortment and variety physically makes you scatter attention. The most important parameters should not be neglected. After all, it is they who will affect the well-being in cold, high humidity and wind conditions:

  1. A jacket of sufficient length is very easy to check. When squatting, the back should not be exposed. The jacket should not be too tight to the body, leaving some air as an additional layer of insulation.
  2. Warm pants with high waist only. The outer fabric should be waterproof, but still breathable. To rid a person of high humidity inside.
  3. The choice of footwear should be especially critical. The outsole is made of rubberized material that does not tend to harden in the cold. Insulation made of natural or artificial fur. Full length waterproof base.
  4. Slightly oversized textile gloves. This is necessary in order for a hand to fit inside with the thinnest additional gloves.

Important: modern synthetic materials have an advantage over natural ones. They get rid of high humidity much faster. They can resist increased wear, and do not lose elasticity in cold weather.

Important little things

Most of the equipment fishermen and hunters carry in a backpack or special bag. But this does not mean that the jacket and pants should be devoid of pockets. On the contrary, their presence greatly facilitates fishing and hunting. It is much more convenient to store numerous small things that are regularly needed in nature in well-located pockets. In addition, there are other little things to pay attention to:

- lace-up shoes are more reliable than zippers, but require skillful handling;

- buttons on the jacket and pants as an additional element of safety, but the main fastener should be a zipper;

- special ventilation channels will allow you to more competently regulate body temperature without taking off your clothes;

- inner pockets with fasteners for documents and mobile gadgets.

Important: do not forget about such a jacket accessory as a hood. No matter how high-quality the hat is, during a strong wind only the hood can save the head from severe hypothermia. Studies have shown that a person tends to lose about 40% of all heat through the head.

Well-chosen clothes will make a trip to a winter river, lake or forest a pleasant walk. The absence of frostbite and hypothermia is guaranteed to pay off with good health and regular catch.

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