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Review of climatic equipment of the Japanese company "Daikin"

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The Daikin FTYN25L /RYN25L split system has several features that are the author's design of a Japanese brand. First, it is a reliable compressor. It is made of special alloys that are highly resistant to wear and corrosion.

Review of climatic equipment of the Japanese company "Daikin"

Daikin is a recognized world leader in the development of household and industrial air conditioners . Country of origin: Japan. The organization was founded in 1924: this is the first company in Asia, which managed to synthesize freon. In 1973, a plant was opened for the production of Daikin split-systems , which in a short time managed to reach leading positions in European countries (production facilities are located in Belgium and Czech Republic).

Currently, the company is developing equipment for air conditioning, maintaining optimal conditions in premises for various purposes (residential, industrial, shopping and entertainment). The catalog strikes with a variety of choices. Success is based on a concept based on three factors: comfort, sustainability and profitability. Popular with buyers is the wall-mounted split-system Daikin FTYN25L /RYN25L , let's take a closer look at what sets it apart from analogues.

Features of the FTYN25L /RYN25L

Wall mounted air conditioner is ideal for cooling air at home (designed for rooms of 25 m 2 ). It is equipped with several coarse filters that trap particles of dust and pet hair. This is a particularly useful feature for people with allergies.

At split systems Daikin FTYN25L /RYN25 L have several functions, which are the author's development of the Japanese brand. First, it is a reliable compressor. It is made of special alloys that are highly resistant to wear and corrosion. This alloy has been added to the outdoor unit casing itself to protect it from corrosion.

It's easy to operate the equipment: there is an on /off timer, a remote control is included in the package. Night mode and noise reduction mode are provided. Thanks to them, it is possible to ensure the silent operation of the device (the noise level of the indoor unit is 25 dB, and the external one is 46 dB). The device is characterized by economical consumption of energy resources (class A assigned). This makes it very inexpensive to use.

Features of the FTYN35L /RYN35L

The Daikin split system is renowned for its accuracy in maintaining settings and temperature conditions. The build quality and components are high, which guarantees a long service life (12-15 years). The model is in high demand in Europe, Asia and the USA. This has many benefits. The main advantages of split systems Daikin FTYN35L /RYN35L are:

  1. Software dehumidification (the model maintains a comfortable range of air humidity - within 50%).
  2. Energy saving technologies (thanks to a new generation compressor, a qualitative reduction in energy consumption is guaranteed while maintaining optimal microclimate indicators).
  3. Self-diagnosis function (the device will independently find possible malfunctions and eliminate them in a short time).
  4. Several modes of operation (in particular, night and noise reduction).
  5. Memory of user settings (a convenient function that allows you to easily activate previous settings, rather than re-entering them).
  6. Attractive appearance. The designers of the Japanese company also took care of the appearance of the device, developing a stylish design. Thanks to this, it fits perfectly into any room interior.

Cooperation with "ICT"

The Engineering Systems and Technologies company specializes in the sale, installation and maintenance of climate control systems. The range includes a large selection of equipment, in particular, the split-system Daikin FTYN35L /RYN35L . The pricing policy is loyal, the cost is lower than that of competitors. For convenience, several payment methods are provided: in cash, by credit card or by bank transfer (with a preliminary invoice). All devices have the necessary documents (certificates, certificates). Free delivery to the address is carried out. To order, just add the product to the cart and enter the contact information (name and number).

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