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Drainage pipes for private land

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the Most expensive variant of the polymer tube are considered to be two-layer products, equipped with a filter element. Use them for small areas impractical.

Drainage pipes for private land

In conditions close to groundwater, the location of the land in the lowlands or swampy soils without a system of drainage can not do. The basis of such engineering structures is the drain pipe, from which material and technical features, depends not only on the life of the structure, but also the quality of the performance of its functions. Consider the main types of drainage pipes and their characteristics.

Variety of drainage pipes

just note that this product differs from the ordinary tube by the presence of slit-like or circular holes. It is through them the water from the soil flows into and removed from the site by gravity. Trade organizations offer to purchase drainage pipes made of:

    • ceramic
      • asbestos;
        • concrete
          • metal;
            • materials.

            Use the first four for private land is not recommended. The reason is their significant weight and the complexity of installation, which requires the use of lifting devices. The best option is the drainage pipe of the polymers. They are sometimes also called plastic, but in most cases they are made from low pressure polyethylene (HDPE).

            the Price of the drainage pipe depends on the diameter and design of the product. Most manufacturers and contractors recommend the use on a personal plot of a two-layer pipe or equipped with a filter made of textile material. You can do simple designs that represent the corrugated product.

            Feature of double-layer drainage pipes is that the outer layer is made of HDPE and has a ribbed surface. It betrays a rigidity. The inner layer is a smooth tube made of LDPE (high pressure polyethylene), which reduces the resistance when the flow through it of water. This option is recommended for high probability of frequent heavy rainfall.

            the Use of drainage pipes placed in the filter of a textile material, allows to avoid clogging the bandwidth of the holes with small particles of soil. Recommended for installation in sandy soil.

            Most expensive option plastic pipes are considered as two-layer products, equipped with a filter element. Use them for small areas impractical. But the choice of one or another type of pipes for drainage and wastewater treatment in any case depends on the buyer.

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