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Firewood delivery in the city

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The needles will be an indispensable assistant if the main firewood is damp, and primary heat is required for their normal combustion.

Firewood delivery in the city

Firewood in a big city is practically not used for its intended purpose. Why, if there is natural gas and electricity, which give a much better result if heating is needed. Nevertheless, Sale of firewood with delivery in Moscow enjoys steady success. Most often, the customers are the owners of private houses with classic fireplaces. Themed restaurants and cafes that use fire to prepare unusual dishes.

Which firewood is better to use

If the fireplace is used only from a decorative point of view, the quality of the wood is practically irrelevant. Birch or poplar logs will be visually attractive. But, the most important indicator of quality in this case will be dryness. It should not exceed 10-20 percent of the wood mass. Otherwise, the logs will ignite poorly and produce a lot of smoke. Other quality parameters should be added:

  1. Oak wood gives maximum heat and heat, burns slowly.
  2. Birch wood burns well, even when wet.
  3. Pine burns well, but takes up a lot of space.
  4. Spruce is a great alternative, but resin can clog your chimney.
  5. Aspen is difficult to chop, but burns well and burns out slowly.

Important: the harder the wood, the less space it will take up in front of the firebox. It will burn longer and, as a result, will give off the maximum amount of heat. But needles have one significant advantage, they continue to burn in any state, naturally repels excess moisture.

Firewood for the sauna

The popular real wood-fired sauna is back in fashion. The smell of smoke and hot coals cannot be replaced by any electric analogue in a sauna. But, in order for the bath to warm up well and people like it, you need to choose the right firewood:

  • softwood hardwoods (alder, birch, linden);
  • oak, slow burning, minimum of wood, continuous heat;
  • ash, profitable from an economic point of view, practically does not smoke;
  • pine or spruce, emitting a lot of smoke, tend to shoot;

The latter option is practically not used in baths. In rare cases, Coniferous firewood is used only for kindling to get the first fire, and allow harder hardwoods to burn. The needles will be an indispensable assistant if the main firewood is damp, and primary heat is needed for their normal combustion.

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