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Electrical insulation monitoring machine


For more information and purchase of the AKI-2 device, please visit the website of the "Selarius" company, which supplies it directly from manufacturers.

Electrical insulation monitoring machine

The device bearing the designation AKI-2 (automatic insulation controller) is mandatory for installation in places where electric switch heaters are used on railway tracks. A detailed diagram of the device is presented here https://selarius.ru/catalog/avtomat- aki-2m , on the website of the supplier of this type of equipment. Its main purpose:

  • Ensuring complete dielectric safety when using automatic or manual switches.
  • Elimination of the deforming effect of heating means of transfers on rail power networks.

The scheme of action is based on monitoring the integrity of the insulation of electrical wiring, through which current flows to the equipment for heating the transfers. The AKI-2 device is configured and connected to the network in such a way that it is possible to measure the slightest changes in the current in it. The device is configured during installation depending on the technical parameters of the electrical network, but with any settings, the critical response threshold remains unchanged (7.2 kOhm).

Main technical parameters

The device is designed to operate in electric networks with a voltage of 220 or 127V. It is resistant to voltage surges (up to 10-15%) and does not require connection through a rectifier (stabilizer). The electrical circuit is made using an NSh board, to which an electronic automatic control unit is attached using a bracket. Input and output wiring is fixed to the base using dielectric thermosetting plastic. The system is installed in a transparent plastic casing that is resistant to temperature changes and physical stress. Main characteristics of AKI-2:

  • Response time - 0.6 seconds.
  • Weight - 2 kg.
  • Working frequency - 50 Hz.
  • Preparation time for switching on - 20 seconds.

You can get more complete information and purchase the AKI-2 device using the website of the "Selarius" company, which supplies it directly from manufacturers. The checkout, as well as the delivery order, are carried out online on the page of the corresponding section of the supplier's Internet resource.

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