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The best choice is a surface water pump


On the site "Ukrpoliv" are presented surface aggregates of the best European manufacturers, which proved to be excellent in practice.

The best choice is a surface water pump

The surface pump is designed to raise water from a well, artificial and natural reservoirs. This technique is used in summer cottages, in country houses for comfortable watering of a personal plot, ensuring the need for clean drinking fluid in houses that do not have a connection to a centralized system. Surface noopener noreferrer"> Surface water pump install so that its body does not have contact with the pumped medium: near or above the source. Usually places are chosen in which it will be convenient to serve them. These pumps are distinguished by their high power, easy installation and simple operation. If it is necessary to take liquid from a great depth, it is worth buying an ejector model.


To choose the right model, you need to take into account its main characteristics:

  • the depth of the pumped-out liquid;
  • unit performance;
  • pressure.

The main parameters that must be taken into account are the head and productivity, indicating the ability to pump a certain amount of liquid for a specific period of time.

The head is the height of the rise of water from the source. These characteristics depend on the pressure that the pumping unit creates. During the purchase, you need to pay attention to all of the above parameters.

Experts recommend initially calculating the number of water points, taking into account the size of the adjoining area, the number of consumers.

In order not to control the operation of the system manually, it is worth paying attention to models that have a pressure switch that allows you to maintain the operating mode and ensure that a stable pressure in the system is maintained.

An important role in organizing the automatic water supply of a private house is played by a hydraulic accumulator, the use of which allows you to extend the service life of equipment, prevent water hammer, avoid frequent switching on of equipment, which accelerates the wear of the device.

Owners of private houses, summer cottages prefer to use universal models that are optimal for comfortable housekeeping and providing the necessary volumes of liquid.

The Ukrpoliv website presents surface aggregates from the best European manufacturers, which have shown themselves to be excellent in practice. This equipment is of high quality workmanship, which ensures reliable operation and long service life.

It is worth saving on such equipment - its use greatly facilitates housekeeping and allows you to create optimal conditions for housekeeping.

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