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Where to buy a reliable 75 amp diesel battery at a good price in Kiev and Ukraine?


The correct choice of the power source depends on how reliable the car will start, especially when it comes to unfavorable conditions.

Where to buy a reliable 75 amp diesel battery at a good price in Kiev and Ukraine?

The correct choice of the power source determines how reliable the car will start, especially when it comes to unfavorable conditions. Such as low and high ambient temperatures. The ability to freely use additional electrical equipment while the engine is not running.

But before you rush to buy a battery with a European type of attachment for 75A /hour from the https://ugt.in.ua/akb-avto/20-425 , also worth find out its required dimensions according to the passport data of your car. Otherwise, it may simply not fit in its original place.

And the cost of a product depends on many factors. Where were the products manufactured, what technologies were used in the production. But regardless of all factors, our store can guarantee that each item fully complies with the price /quality formula. And first of all, you need to focus on the needs of the machine. And our consultants will help if you still find it difficult to choose. And they will help to deliver the purchase to the city where you live in the shortest possible time.

INCI AKU 6 CT-75-R Start-Stop EFB Europe LB4 075 073 013

This Turkish manufacturer has been competing with famous European manufacturers of similar products for several years. But not only with a tempting price, but also with its technical performance. I use only high-quality sources of raw materials in production, and reliable European equipment, the output is inexpensive, but high-quality batteries with special technical indicators:

  • the body easily copes with the increased vibration and periodic shock that are inevitable during operation on our roads;
  • unique properties of the product lid;
  • a proprietary alloy is used in the production of plates, capable of leveling deep discharges;
  • low self-discharge when idle;
  • long battery life guaranteed.

Battery MUTLU 6 CT-75-R EFB Europe EFB.LB4.75.073.A

The main advantages of this power source, in comparison with others, can be highlighted in the list:

  • sufficient supply of electricity;
  • operational safety at a high technical level;
  • normal perception of cyclic loads during operation;
  • resists frost and overheating;
  • increased normal life.

This truly versatile battery is perfect for the widest range of vehicles that run not only on gasoline, but also on diesel fuel. If during the operation of the car the owner plans to install additional sources of electricity consumption, Mutlu will perfectly cope with this task. Acoustics, heated seats, windows and mirrors will not be the reason for buying a more powerful power source.

Battery VARTA 6 CT-75-R BLUE DYNAMIC EFB Europe 575500073 (E46)

If you prefer this Wart brand, then you probably know that it also has its own additional factors that make it unique in its own way.

  1. One of the best production technologies using the Ca /Ca formula.
  2. To prevent corrosion from negatively affecting the condition of lead grids, the company manufactures them using the ExpandedMetal method.
  3. Only the best raw materials and materials in production can give such a high-quality and durable product.
  4. Increased starting current in the cold season and the highest capacity with minimal dimensions.
  5. The most reliable separators, will not deteriorate over time by acid;
  6. timely removal of hazardous gases from cans, and the latest flame arresters do not allow the product to explode during operation.

VEGA 6 CT-75-R Standard Europe

This inexpensive Ukrainian battery will be a reliable source of electricity for almost any car. A special polymer material not only keeps the battery in a single case, but also prevents vibrations and shocks from destroying it. The unique technology of plate production using stretching and perforation creates truly durable electrodes.

A starting current of 720 amperes and a capacity of 75 ampere-hours make it possible to confidently install the product on cars with engines of 1.6 to 2.5 liters. European type of hull, easy start in winter, minimal physical dimensions allow it to be normally placed in the regular place of most modern cars.

You can buy all these car batteries and rechargeable batteries of other capacities and brands in Kiev in the online store of accumulators www.ugt.in.ua <

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