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Which is better - Chinese or Russian stainless steel?


The article describes the differences between stainless steels for Chinese and Russian pipes, which steel is more profitable to buy.

Which is better - Chinese or Russian stainless steel?

Domestic and imported stainless steel equally have similarities and differences. The main determining factor when choosing a stainless steel is its marking. It is different in each country, therefore, in order to somehow facilitate metal identification, manufacturers use generally accepted systems, such as: AISI, SAE or AWS. The standards are widely used around the world and greatly simplify the choice of rolled metal buyers.

So what's the difference?

Thanks to generally accepted standards, the quality composition of stainless steels from manufacturers in different countries is similar. But there are still some differences. Yes, the composition may be the same, but sometimes there is an excess of carbon content by about 1%. Such a picture can be observed with all domestic brands and analogues, which are labeled in accordance with the generally accepted system.

For example, aisi stainless pipe contains its composition of parts of chromium and nickel, which increase the strength of the product. In the production of steels of various types, Western manufacturers subject billets to less hot treatment than domestic ones. As you know, under the influence of high temperatures, chromium burns out. As a result, the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel pipe is somewhat reduced.

As you can see, the difference between Chinese and Russian stainless steel is quite relative. Therefore, when choosing a stainless steel pipe, the price is not the last thing. Good metal rolling cannot be cheap. Accordingly, when buying rolled metal, you should pay attention to the marking, which determines the special resistance of products to various factors.

Steel metal wholesale and retail

WestWerk offers a wide range of profile pipe products at factory prices , from a warehouse in Moscow. One of the highest quality examples of rolled metal is a stainless steel pipe, which you can buy with delivery to the site.

The range of rolled steel on the site pages is represented by the following items:

  • seam pipe
  • seamless pipe
  • profile pipe

Managers of the sales department are always happy to offer customers products of various cross-sectional shapes, while the diameters of stainless pipes can also be different. The company guarantees a wide selection of metal products and quality service.

The rolled material passed all tests, the quality of pipe products is confirmed by certificates and other accompanying documentation. Warehouses of the company are located in large cities, such as: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg. The company offers convenient payment methods, pickup is possible.

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