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Rolled metal from stainless steel grades wholesale and retail


ANEP-Metal is engaged in wholesale deliveries and metal processing, having in stock over 110 types of rolled metal

Rolled metal from stainless steel grades wholesale and retail

Domestic metallurgical enterprises supply impressive volumes of various types and names of rolled metal products to the country's market, which are sold through large suppliers. Such suppliers include the company "ANEP-metal", which has a whole network of metal depots equipped with everything necessary. Presented on the pages of her online catalog in the section "Stainless steel" assortment includes dozens of types of items such as:

  • Pipe of various configurations of cross profile and dimensions.
  • Corner and stripes.
  • Blanks in the form of circles and squares.
  • Sheet products.

All presented products fully comply with the quality parameters established by GOST. Certificates of conformity are presented in electronic form on the supplier's website and are issued to buyers (upon request) along with a technical passport for each batch of products.

Additional provider services

For the clients of ANEP-metal, an additional service is provided for cutting metal-roll according to the size of the customer. The presence of our own high-tech metal-cutting equipment and a staff of qualified employees allows us to take orders for the manufacture of:

  • Pipe blanks.
  • Plates and gussets made of sheet metal.
  • Cut the coiled steel.

Any, even complex and large-scale orders are carried out in a short time and with a guarantee of exact observance of dimensional parameters. You can get a preliminary consultation from the technologist of the enterprise in an online format.

Fast shipment and delivery

The metal depots of the ANEP-metal company work around the clock and seven days a week. The presence of special storage and lifting equipment allows for quick shipment immediately after placing an order. For the convenience of customers, the following options are provided:

  • Assemblies of various types of rolled metal in one batch.
  • Shipment in piece (single) format to individuals and legal entities.
  • Fast delivery by company transport to any region of the country.

The client can place an order for the delivery of the purchased products to the specified address by the exact date and time. Sheet, shaped steel, buy stainless steel pipe all presented in product name catalog is available in online format. To do this, you must use the official website of the company "ANEP-metal". Access to the resource is free and does not require pre-registration to make a choice.

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